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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor



I'm empty. I don't know what else to say. I don't know where the difference is between needing help or wanting attention. I can hear my parents saying I'm just attention seeking. I don't want to be like that. I keep trying the help chat.

Senior Contributor

Re: Empty





I am not sure what you meant by attention seeking behaviours, but if you need help, do reach out to others or vent on this forum.


When I was seeking help for my issues, some would welcome me with gentle care, while others could not wait to get rid of me. This applies to doctors and counsellors. I would tell them the same thing, but would get different responses.


If your parents aren't open to your issues, perhaps they may not be the best person to seek help from. Try opening up to others who accept you, they may see your behaviours and issues very differently and you would feel much better. Smiley Happy

Senior Contributor

Re: Empty

Hi @Lilaca @NatureLover @musicfanatic_x @Dizzyizzy 


hope you're all doing ok. I'm ok, another admission, safe. Will be in touch soon. Take care.


Re: Empty

@Aeiou , take care sweetie. 💖

Community Guide in Training

Re: Empty

Thanks for letting us know you're safe and in hospital, @Aeiou . I hope it's helpful and you can get the care you need. Take care...

Re: Empty

thinking of you @Aeiou Heart

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