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Something’s not right

New Contributor


I live in the country south aust, I have 4 sons, 26, 24, 22 and 11.
The 24 has mental health issues and ice dependence. He has been using for 7 -9yrs.
I've somewhat ceased all enabling behavior recently.
He is a mess .
Last November I had him admitted to a mental health ward but he was discharged after being transferred and reassessed @ a different hospital.
Currently I'm at a road block as even if he is abstinent from the drug his psychosis is dramatically increased as soon as he has had it.
He will be homeless this Friday as he hasn't paid his rent and over the last 2 mths the below has happened
A meth out person smashed all windows in the unit.
He is constantly yelling with/at himself
In the last 2 wks he has had 2 fires in his unit.
I believe/know the other unit tenants and himself are at risk.
What do I do ?
Advise the police that the fires are not accidents ?


Re: Assistance

Hello @Joy93

A very warm welcome to the forums, it sounds like you have been through so much with your 24year old son who has been experiencing psychosis, using ICE and becoming quite angry and destructive and now facing homelessness due to what he did to the apartment, I can't imagine how concerned you would be for him.

It would be good if you could get in contact with the CAT team again as it seems there is enough risk at the moment with facing homelesses and a risk to himself and others through his aggression, I am not sure if you have tried this already recently but it is good to keep contacting them to they take it seriously and send someone out to assess him and treat him in hospital to get his psychosis symptoms under control.

There is also further support for you during this time, as well as the forums:

Mental Health Carers Australia (formerly ARAFMI National)
National Helpline 1300 554 660
Mental Health Carers Australia seeks to: explore and strengthen the mental health caring role, develop knowledge, improve skills and offer support to reduce isolation and enhance the caring journey, and advocate on behalf of carers.
Mental Illness Fellowship Australia (MIFA)
1800 985 944

There are also some other members with children who experience psychosis, it might help to read through those threads at some point too. There is a great thread by @Janie called 21 year old son with mental health problems

It can be helpful to inform the police of his psychosis symptoms so they are also able to asist with taking him to hospital rather than charging him, if that makes sense?

Lunar Smiley Happy

Re: Assistance

Hi @Joy93, we haven’t heard from you in a while. How are things going with your son at the moment?

Re: Assistance

@Joy93It must be so difficult to see your son in this state and to know what to do whilst keeping together for your other children. Stopping enabling behaviours is important yet it may take time til he he turns a corner and make positive changes for himself.  

Re: Assistance

Hi @Joy93 .... hoping you have found support for your son.  

It is important to find support for yourself as well, as this will be weighing heavily on you.  

Here to listen and walk along with you.  

Take care ....


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