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Senior Contributor

under 30s thread

thought it might be cool to get everyone under 30 years old to share their experiences on the forum
just to help each other with "young people stuff"

@outlander @AnnieJ @Jay95 @Evangeline
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Re: under 30s thread

@Evie1@613are also young members

Re: under 30s thread

good work @outlander
i dont know who all the members are

Re: under 30s thread


Re: under 30s thread

did you get my tag for the other thread i tagged you in,i actually have a thread under the exact same name as this. ill see if i can add those members to here and see if they come back online @Hamsolo01

Re: under 30s thread

there was another memeber here a while ago


@redheadedare you still active?

Re: under 30s thread

not sure @outlander
tag me again for that one?

hey @Jay95 hows it going?

Re: under 30s thread

dont worry @Hamsolo01 its really unactive so this ones a good place to start. i i meet or think of anyone else ill tag them to here. thats all i can think of atm anyway

Re: under 30s thread

i get the impression it will be quiet on here too @outlander

Re: under 30s thread

Why dont you start by asking a few get to know tou questions

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