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Senior Contributor

strange/unsual/funny/random facts

hey all i find it intriguing how much we dont really know about the world in which we live in

so do you have any strange etc facts? it can be about animals, plants, certian food, phobias, anything really

heres a few to start with



Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts

Love this thread idea @outlander! Okay so here is mine that I found out a while ago when I had my beautiful cat in my life! 

'Research has shown that the soothing sounds of a kitty can aid your body in a number of ways. Cats are able to heal because their purrs fluctuate between 20-140 Hz, a frequency range which has been proven to be medically therapeutic.'

Cat Happy

Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts

Love it @Lauz maybe a need a cat

Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts

There is a rumour that floats around that it is impossible to lick your elbow. It actually isn't impossible...but it is super tricky. {Phoenix_Rising now sits back and watches every single person in Forum Land attempt to lick their elbow}. Smiley LOL

Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts

Hahaha @Phoenix_Rising
Did u try it!?

Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts

Hahaha @Phoenix_Rising
Did u try it!?

How do you think I know it isn't impossible @outlanderSmiley LOL

I'm really developing my skill set these days; I can stand on my head, balance an egg AND lick my elbow. I really have no idea why I'm so unemployable with such a useful skill set!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts

Hahaha @Phoenix_Rising how amusing it would be to watch you in your element 😂

Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts

I love these - and I 


1. I have a cat and having her Royal Furriness cuddling close to me and purring certainly keeps my tension down - I love the cat and I stare at her and wonder if she loves me or if she is in it for the cuddles.


2. I'm not trying elbow-licking - after all - I haven't thought of a good enough reason - but you never know - I might try it later after


Okay - here's mine


They say all roads lead to Rome - it's equally true that they all lead away from it too.


The earth is a globe so why do map-makers assume that the northern hemisphere is at the top - if the truth was told maybe the whole universe is upside down


And oh yes!!!! Every finger - every part of our body containing veins - have veins that lead to the heart - but wow - good one @outlander


Dec (smarty-pantz)Smiley Happy

Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts

Love them @Dec

Re: strange/unsual/funny/random facts


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