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Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Great book the Clan of the Cave Bears @Mazarita. I read it as a teenager, and was enthralled by it.

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

The last book I read was one of Madeline L'Engle's. "A Wrinkle in Time" is probably her best known book (the movie was reportedly not so fantastic) but "Wrinkle" was actually the first in a series of five. I'd read the first four years ago, then recently a friend loaned me the fifth one, "An Acceptable Time".

I've found I'm reading less since our two sons grew up and moved out of home. They were good at finding books that I enjoyed too. It's one of those things I want to get  back to, but I think I feel a bit overwhelmed for finding the sustained time it takes to get through a book, and the sustained attention it takes to do a good story justice.

I still love browsing for books, usually secondhand ones. Somehow glossy, unread books feel "untested" to me. Some I buy for their written content, others I buy for their visual content. I love old botanical illustrations, for example, and I also have some gorgeously illustrated kids' books that are mine! One of my favourite illustrator authors is Shaun Tan. His books are sort of picture books for adults, in that they're very thought provoking. Not to say that kids wouldn't enjoy them too, but they contain depths of meaning that the kids might not pick up on.

Old books with gorgeous bindings... libraries that look like mind palaces... book nooks to cosy up in... bookmarks that are like little artpieces keeping your place 'til you can return to it. So much to love. Smiley Happy



Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Just found this t-shirt design. Who wants it on their Christmas list? Smiley Very Happy


Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 3.41.50 pm.png

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play



Can I have somevofvwhat he's having? LOL

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Haha! @Smc but I'm not much into cats!

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

I don't mind being called a Book Worm, I've been called worse that's for sure! lol Smiley Very Happy


Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Love my glass doored book cases that keep the dust out. I have my books sorted to various categories, gardening, cooking, gardening & cooking ....



Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Books we rarely, if ever, refer to now


- Encyclopedia

- Atlas

- Phone book

- Dictionary

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play


Children's books @outlander lol this ones for @Zoe7 lol 

I like short story books too when concentration down.


Great thread!


Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

@Neelix @frog @Bubbles3 @Former-Member @Former-Member



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