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What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

When I was in high school I discovered that people who had hobbies/interests,etc were happier people. They had something to focus on.They had something they could share with others. One day at school I suggested to some girls that they should go to the state library on the weekend.They have a huge range of books and books on their interest/hobby. The following weekend we all met up at the state library.I showed them around,got them to enrol so they could borrow books.Their lives changed that day. I've never seen girls that happy.

I had a hobby too.Loved planes/aviation/flying.That was my hobby. I blame my parents for helping me to achieve that.Yes,I went to the state library to borrow books too.I was a very happy teen too.

Over the years I've had hobbies.I loved my teen years in the 70s so I started collecting vinyl records of the 70s. Still got them.Dont know what to do with them though.Lost interest. I love reading.Helps me get through a day.Got over 1200 non fiction books.There's a lot of self help books in there. Oddly enough,I never had a book on collecting records.I even bought some extra childrens books to add to the ones I kept.  I collected old toys like the ones I had as a child.


Over to you.Would you like to share your story? Thanks.


Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

hi @Denv12 

Bushwalking is my main hobby, I try to go for a hike at least once a week.


I also love seeing live music. I live in a big city that has an excellent music scene and a nice friend who I can go to gigs with. We are sometimes the oldest people there! They are at night so it can be a bit hard to go out as I'm usually tired at night but I always enjoy it once I'm there.


Do you fly model planes? There are guys who fly drones in my local park, they seem riveted by it.

Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

I collect, unusual plants,books,stamps,concrete garden statues,violins and odd friends.

Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?



My main hobby is colouring in and reading.  I don't have an extensive library like you though.  I used to be a keen surfer and soccer player, but, am getting a bit old for it now.  I wouldn't mind dusting off the surfboard when the weather is a bit kinder though. 


All of those 70's records will be worth a fortune one day!! 


I mainly read science fiction and historical fiction.. the latter is something i've picked up the last few years.  I'd love to get to Europe on day on do some travelling.

Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

Books are a passion @Denv12 Heart Never enough time to read them all! That's so cool that you helped the girls join the library and shared the love of the place. You have over 1200 non-fiction books?!? That's impressive! Any Daniel Goleman in there? He's an author we've heard a bit about recently

Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

I collect wrestling merchandise (mostly WWE, and NJPW, but now that AEW is a thing I'm going to throw all my money at them lol). I am absolutely obsessed with wrestling, I would hate to know how much money I have spent on Pay-Per-Views, and live shows, and tshirts, and posters, and figurines lol. It would easily be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

I also collect books, my husband and I own around 3000 books between us. 

Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

Hi @Denv12, it's funny you should mention aviation as a hobby because flight simulation has been my hobby for about 17 years now. I'm a member of a couple of FS forums where a lot of the guys are real world pilots, but real flying doesn't really interest me. It takes some nerve to fly a real plane which I don't have. I know from my FS experience how dangerous it can be.

@Gazza75, I had a passion for science fiction back in the 90s. I was addicted to it for years, always back at the library to pick up some more after I finished my previous selection. My favorites back then were Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clarke. I still have a complete collection of Asimov's Foundation series which I dip into somtimes.

FS and SF, many fond memories ha ha.

Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

@SkyView7- You picked 3 of the top guys from the SF world.  Asimov foundation series is still one of the best.  I used to like a guy called George Alec Effinger, but, was never able to track down that many of his books.  I've read a bit of Heinlein and Clarke, but, not as much as I have of Asimov.  That guy almost needs his own library. Smiley Happy


@-xlilithx-- Wow, you sound like quite the Wrestling fan!  I used to be into it when I was growing up, but, lost interested somewhere in my teens and maybe chasing girls.  3,000 books!  wow!  Thats a lot to keep you very busy.


@jay2Your hobbies sound fun, especially odd friends Smiley Happy


@BryanaCamp- I need to get out and do more bushwalking.  My old partner and I used to do a heap, but, i've slackened off on it.  I find it hard to get motivated.  We have a local field here where they fly drones, i've had a few scare the crap out of Me when i've been paddling a canoe.  I nearly fell overboard!


We'd have quite the library and supercomputer combining all the books and knowledge in here!!  Smiley Happy

Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

@Gazza75, yeah Asimov was a prolific writer with a lot of non-fiction books to his cedit which I've never read.

Re: What's Your Hobby/What Do You Collect?

hi @Gazza75 yeah it can be hard to get motivated. My closest national park is an hour's drive and the hike is very steep but quite short so I usually start with that one if I'm feeling unfit & reluctant. I'm not as adventurous as I used to be, I used to get up very early & drive all over the place and hike up to 25kms in a day. These days I just hike 10kms or 15kms at the most. I feel good for achieving something afterwards. Here's some lovely tree tops for you to ponder treetop.JPG

I'm happiest hiking by myself but if that's not your cup of tea could you maybe go with a club, just start with something close to home & quite short?

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