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Senior Contributor

What I Know Now That I Wish I knew Then?

Do you ever hear people say,"If I only knew then what I know now" ? Thats what this post is all about. What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

I guess for me,its about learning all the things in my teenage years to be better in my teenage years.I learned a lot over the years from life's experiences,through reading books to learn more.Learning from my own mistakes and learning from everyone elses mistakes.Learning from all the right things I did and learning from other people's too.

At school there werent any real resources to help teens as they dealt with the dating.Compared to the books,the websites,etc,there are resources everywhere compared to my teen years during the 70s.Loved the 70s music too.Started collected 70s music from the 1980s onward.


Please enjoy this topic.


Re: What I Know Now That I Wish I knew Then?

I learned nothing being chronically depressed, anxious and psychotic during my child, adolescent and early adult life . Yet that was my fate until my 40's.

I learned nothing from emotionally abusive people/family or workplace managers who were eager to fill the place of my abusive parents. 

I learned nothing from withdrawing from society and staying at home with my nightmarish, terrorising and crippling, defeating mental health symptoms.

I learned something from my experience of life being around positive and loving people.

I learned something from being on effective anti-psychotics and mood stabilisers. I learned something from my optimistic and supportive psychiatrist who I met only after 10 years of traumatising psychotherapy & psychological treatment.

I have to question you @Denv12 . You seem to favour nostalgia alone as a cure for a lifetime of hellsih MI? It has been fighting the hard battle for quality of life that has given me quality of life, not looking to the past of chronic abuse, depression, anxiety and psychotic symptoms.

Re: What I Know Now That I Wish I knew Then?

This is a great thread @Denv12, life experience definitely helps with decision-making, but you do make a point about resources, do you think that it is more acceptable to talk openly about health and other topics now than in the 70s? 

Re: What I Know Now That I Wish I knew Then?

Hi @Ali11 .

Its funny.People dont do anything about their health until something happens to them.Thats when they start dealing with it. I was like that.I was healthy until my life changed by the onset of anxiety,etc.

I've known a few people who just dont look after themselves at all.Some of them are in their 60s and some are younger than that.

Re: What I Know Now That I Wish I knew Then?

@Denv12 That's true, or if someone they hold dear goes through something. Sometimes we need that wake up call, but it'd be lovely if we didn't!

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