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Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Hi all.

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

@ethand friends


Hi there, this sounds like a little bit of fun, instead of ... well!!  So, I'll bring the no sugar hot chocolate (yummy when you add  a little xylitol for sweetener) and some homus and cottage cheese.  (I'm on a Keto diet, but that doesn't mean I can't have party food eh!!!)




PS I learnt how to tag Yeah!!


Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!


Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

@Hamsolo01 @eth @PurpleKathy @The-red-centaur @Silenus @Sophia1 


I must apologise for not tagging everyone; I'm not deliberately leaving anyone out, i just find it hard to, keep track of profile names, storylines, themes and what's going on for who, or who is and isn't in need of support ...


I like being alone and chilling with some quality tv programs, I've noticed the quality/nature of tv, varies from day to day, season to season and so on ... i also like knowing, i can connect with people, when i need, and not be imposing, leaving them worse then i found them, or having to be someone i don't like being/do things i don't like... to fit in ...


Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

a wonderful idea @eth 


yummy food....interesting array of music...

any musicians about who might like to jam together?....whilst entertain all present..

An open fire? keep us warm...


I  can't do Saturday nights but can be about at times on a Saturday afternoon...

especially if there is music...


enjoy folks 🎻🎶🎷📯🎺🎸😁


Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Hi @eudemonism 


Just wanted to say, I relate so much to what you wrote. I'm a people person when I want to be, however I am limited in how long I can cope with people.  I find I get extremely tired, even fatigued when around people, mixing with people.  It's a  bit like an athletic event for me, my mind is so challenged in monitoring  all of what is being discussed and what truths and non truths are being delivered.  I'm also frightened of people, they can consume you (sorry everyone) but this is the only way I can describe how my interaction is, as I am a person who can read others,  their connection to the land, their relationship situation, their honesty and dishonesty regarding themselves some times their colours and life in general. People will cross highways to come and talk to me and I don't know them.  I am learning as I am now getting older now, that I can turn off my "open to talk" face, this helps a lot to restrict the numbers of people who address me.  I am also quite reclusive, and suffer from agoraphobia which I think is there to protect me.  Do you feel like this? @eudemonism  @eth  @Sophia1 @Hamsolo01  @The-red-centaur  and others?


Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Enjoying this thread, hi everyone Smiley Happy
How are you finding the Keto diet @PurpleKathy? There's a really cool Instagram profile run by a lovely lady in Melbourne which posts delicious looking recipes -


Also, to join in the music fun, here is a song by Ben Harper, which he wrote for Lewis Marnell, a young skateboarder from Australia who passed away due to diabetes. By all accounts, Lewis was a wonderful human being, always smiling and showing love to everyone he met. Ben knew of him through his skating (he became one of the best in the world) and when he was in Australia, Ben played this song on Lewis's own guitar as a tribute. It's beautiful.

Click to buy on iTunes * * Google Play Ben Harper is ...

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

@PurpleKathy yea i also feel I've been throwing in the towel/taking a dive for the majority of my life. Letting them win, in other words.

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Well done @eth

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

I'm back!  Hello, welcome, and thanks to everyone who's joined in so far.  I am feeling positive and hopeful about this thread and grateful for people joining.  I won't try to tag everyone, just respond where I'm able to.  But I have read all your posts and am loving the sharing.  I think this thread will be a bit like Friday Feast - you can join in without reading back all the pages between visits.  I don't want anyone to feel any pressure to keep up, or fomo. And I want it to be free for everyone, not 'my' thread, I just put it out there.

Loving your choice of music @Silenus  I saw them when they were doing that tour, in Sydney.  It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.  Total sensory immersion.  There were huge moving props, including the flying pigs and even a hospital bed that went over our heads and appeared to slam into the stage.  Also wind that changed directions and an amazing laser light show - quite a new thing in those days.

I totally agree with you about the pleasure of gardening and the use of permaculture principles.  We have a number of large raised beds here and can feed several families at certain times of year.  

@Ali11  love your choice of Ben Harper too.  Special guy.  I nearly put him on here earlier this morning.

@eudemonism and @PurpleKathy  I'm hearing you about the energy taken to interact with more than a small circle of familiar people.  Hope I've tagged the right people here.  That's one of the reasons I love the forums - we can come and go as and when we are able, yet still maintain relationships and meet new friends.  Yay for learning how to tag purplekathy!!

@Sophia1  yes we definitely need a toasty fire to gather round.  Great idea.

Image result for campfire pictures

@Hamsolo01 @greenpea @CheerBear @Sophia1 @BlueBay @The-red-centaur @TAB 

What a great gang this is shaping up to be!


Cheers!! as I sip on a virtual hot toddy of mulled wine ......

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