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Senior Contributor

Retro Packaging:Bringing Back The Past.

Here's an idea.Think back to your young years.Do you remember going shopping or going to a deli and seeing all your favourite products on shelves? Over the years those companies updated their packaging to look modern. I think we need to get together and demand that companies introduce retro packaging.Its time to go back to the past and relive those memories of our childhood.Lets make a list of all the products you would like to see in retro packaging.Here's some example to get your thinking:

Potato chips

soft drinks.


chocolate bars and chocolate blocks.


What would you like to see? Dream big.Lets put this idea out there.

Regards Denv12.


Re: Retro Packaging:Bringing Back The Past.

@Denv12  Milk bottles which can be reused. The milkman!

Re: Retro Packaging:Bringing Back The Past.

@Denv12remember paper supermarket bags, they seemed to disappear in the 80s.  you could re-use them and eventually compost them. 


remember the sherbet fountain, a cardboard tube with sherbet and a licorice stick wrapped in paper.. all plastic now.


lately i've thought that at least a part of a product should be recyclable, eg the top of a cornetto being plain cardboard, not plasticky and printed on so it's easier to re-use.

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