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Senior Contributor

My Memories As A Collector.

Over the years I have always enjoyed collecting.I love searching for the items that make my day.Back iaround 1995 I was given a newspaper my parents found at the newsagent. It changed collecting.I read that paper for a few years before I took a chance to advertise for items I wanted.Sure enough I heard from people.I was finally getting somewhere and loving it.That newspaper was called "The Collectormania".There were people collecting all sorts of things.What an eye opening experience.I was amazed at what people collected.

.Sadly it got taken over by another similar paper.Then it was gone.I still have some of those items I  bought from those who saw my adverts.These days its the online auctions,etc that are helping collectors.If only someone would create another newspaper just like it.You advertieed for free.You did have to buy the newspaper to check your adverts.Common sense really. Those days still live on.My memories still live on.Times gone by.

I hope you are coping with the world.

Regards @Denv12.


Re: My Memories As A Collector.

I also enjoy collecting - digging for CDs at markets and vinyl records to a lesser extent. It's a good way to get out and about plus not too expensive if you like to hustle a bit. As an alternative to collector magazines, I recommend the website Gumtree as well as Facebook Marketplace for finding random things. Cheers

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