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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Have just heard back from my RFS friend that he's safely home after a confronting night. @Determined, haven't heard from you whether your area's affected?



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Safe where we are for now @Smc 

Evacuations are happening about 40 km south of us. Area to the west on watch and act.   

We have family in nsw who lost their shed in the last couple of weeks and while safe because their area is already burnt out are currently stranded with fires on 4 sides .


Feeling for families who have lost propery and for all those out fighting at the moment.

And particually for those who have already lost loved ones and have loved ones in danger. 


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Chocolate Muffin anyone? @Darcy @Shaz51 @Smc @Determined @Sherry @Faith-and-Hope

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Adge 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Darcy  @Adge 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

And @Faith-and-Hope , see you in the background there  😊

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Darcy @Determined

My neighbours have just turned their Boom Boom speakers back on (going all day) - they're ramping it up for an all-night party...

I'm catching up with my back neighbour tomorrow avo - we're going to have Moscato, cheese & crackers....


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Sounds like you need to mow your lawn at 7am tomorrow @Adge  or what ever time is acceptable for your local bylaws. That would go nice with a hangover 😁

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Sounds like an excellent idea @Determined Especially as I cannot sleep, when they have those outdoor speakers going (& partying).

I don't have a Mower - perhaps my Whipper Snipper will do the trick....


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?


Even better @Adge  🤣

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