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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Smc I remember when Old Jamaica was the main available dark choc. Now we are spoiled for choice.



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Anyone around for a hot chocolate @Appleblossom@Faith-and-Hope@Smc@outlander? How has your week been so far?  

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Pretty emotionally unsettled this week @Ali11 , but feeling a bit better after talking to my counsellor today.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Sorry to hear that @Faith-and-Hope, but glad you are feeling a bit better. Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today. What's your drink of choice tonight?  

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Dark hot choc please @Ali11  ..... ☕️🍫💕

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Oh that's delicious @Faith-and-Hope. Are you a marshmallow-in-hot-chocolate person? 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hello @Ali11  @Faith-and-Hope 

Emotional days=😢

Perhaps a little something to go with your hot choc - some vegan sweet potato choc fudgeimages (24).jpeg


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Sorry to hear that @Darcy. Hope the rest of the week gets better for you. Have you made that vegan sweet potato choc fudge? It looks amazing! 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Sounds amazing @Darcy.


I’m more an orange or peppermint dark

chocolate person @Ali11 .... like melting actual dark orange or peppermint blocks in hot water and stirring.  Lindt produce some wafer-type ones, one or two

squares do it ..... and the orange one has almond bits in too.


My family know I like them as a treat for this use.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Ali11  empathising with@Faith-and-Hope , not an emotional day for me. 

Am not a vegan myself but made a virtual batch in respect of F&H Lent tradition.

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