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Re: Good Morning!

 triathalon. @Ant7 , wow way to go my friend 

Hello and sleep weel my @TAB , I will be over on @eth  saturday thread soon xx

heyyyyy my sister @greenpea 

Re: Good Morning!

@greenpea  Thanks 💜

Re: Good Morning!

@Shaz51  thanks 💙


Re: Good Morning!



Thanks for the kind thoughts.



Guess I might be just mentally exhausted, as things get sorted I feel very tired, need a years sleep.


New house is going to open new doors so should be good. My parents are big gardeners so we have been looking at ideas. My mother is probably more excited than I am.


Mind you the house and garden are manicured to laboratory standards already.

I prefer a more natural look.


Hello @Shaz51 


See the forum is still a busy place. I don't know how you keep track of it all, but you do. Thank you.


Re: Good Morning!

sounds good about the house and gardens @Wanderer 

my mum was a gardener but cant do it now , i try to keep her gardens up but find it hard 

one day at a time my awesome friend 

glad to hear your mum is excited too 

Re: Good Morning!

Shaz @Shaz51
Smiley Happy

Re: Good Morning!

heyyy @Hamsolo01 , how are you ??

how did you sister go at the doctors

Re: Good Morning!

She is okay yeah @Shaz51

Thanks my friend.

She seems up and about today which is good news

Re: Good Morning!

Oh and i am good thanks @Shaz51

How are you today?

Re: Good Morning!




Know what you mean about the over manicuring that goes on these days. Yesterday was disappointed by trees concreted right up the the edge of the trunk. Its as if gardens are not meant to be a place where things actually GROW.


 @Ant7 @Hamsolo01 

Smiley Happy


Had a beautiful day with son and grandson yesterday. Happy hummng.

Hope y'all going well.

@Bimby2 @Meowmy @Angels333 @TAB 

Smiley Happy

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