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Re: Good Morning!

@The-red-centaur  I am glad it has calmed down for you. 

Yeah I don’t know how he did it very hard going I think 

Re: Good Morning!

ok my apostrophe key not playing last few days re pea ceful @greenpea   hope your walk was ok and well guess you are a vampire now so they prob dont bother you , ok watch out for werewolves and doomsday people then lol Good morning ..

slept ok for all 3-4 of my sleeps lol body de toxing from something or other .. plus achey breaky this morning or what, going to need to get yoga book out and get to pool or something well plus lose weigh and walk more 

Re: Good Morning!

@The-red-centaur  Hey The-red-centaur the weather held out for me was very hot though. Must have been around 20 degrees!!! which is insane for a winter morning where I am. I hope it holds out for you to so that you can get a nice walk in today Smiley Happyx

Re: Good Morning!

@TAB  Hey cat xx don't be so hard on yourself. You have that difficult job both mentally and physically and cope so much with your aches and pains. You are doing the best you can. Personally I think you are doing great. Heated pool would be great through. We have a hydrotherapy pool down the road from us. When I was manic years ago now I used to go to it alot, that is along time ago .... I should visit it again because it is so relaxing on the body.Smiley Happy

Re: Good Morning!

thx @greenpea  just takes so long to go away when wake up anyways .. am playing hooky from work again so thats not an issue or something to be congratulated on  am taking the P surely will get sacked soon over it anyway

Re: Good Morning!

Hey @TAB I can relate how hard it can be to lose weight.

Hey @Sherry I see you hiding there. Hope you are well.

Re: Good Morning!

well I got used to if I do bad things can put weight on @Ant7  but think am in relative moderation and well no loss as used poss even gaining  I shifted the bar of what is ok a few times so now if put on a few kg am in total disaster/should be buying new clothes territory and nothing used to do works. yay 

Re: Good Morning!

Hi there @The-red-centaur  and thanks for the shout out.  Yes I was lingering in the background a little earlier.


Goodaye @greenpea @TAB @Ant7  and any others hanging about.  Gotta fly as heading into town shortly.


Sherry 🌞🌸


Re: Good Morning!

gidday @Sherry Cat Happy

Re: Good Morning!

@greenpea good morning, beautiful pea, hope you enjoyed your walk and have a great day. I am a bit shaky this morning. Everything seems to get to me a bit. But good news , my car doesn't have major problems. Mum is in a picky mood which makes me a bit anxious. I have a work meeting after work today, so it is a long day. Thanks for Carr and support. That keeps me 

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