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Re: Good Morning!

Hopefully they get it sorted @Shaz51  I've been a bit paranoid today,sorry to whinge .hope your day was good

Re: Good Morning!

no need to be sorry to whinge @boot , what`s up my friend

Re: Good Morning!

Nah all good @Shaz51  just an off day,need to toughen up

Re: Good Morning!

have you got  something to take you mind off what is happening my friend @boot 


Re: Good Morning!

There's not a great deal I can do when I'm like this @Shaz51 , unfortunately alcohol is the only thing that gives me release 

Re: Good Morning!

I have had one glass of alcohol just now @boot , but that is it though


Re: Good Morning!

Ok cool @Shaz51 

Re: Good Morning!

having a few king browns @boot

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning to @BlueBay  (hope you are feeling better this morning xxx) @TAB @boot @Shaz51 @Ant7 @EOR @frog @Bimby2  (how are you my friend?) @eudemonism @Shaz51  and all who pass by today.  Wishing everyone a wonderfull Wednesday full of kindess and hope for a better future. Lots of love greenpea xxx


Although these are not my lights they are very reminiscent. So beautiful and calming.

Image result for lights on water

Re: Good Morning!

Morning everyone 

hope you all have a nice day incl myself 

hi @greenpea  i didn’t sleep well, awake since 4.30am. I’m teary this morning and feeling exhausted. 


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