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Re: Good Morning!

Hi @Shaz51

Re: Good Morning!

hi @TAB, how are you today

Re: Good Morning!

Hi @Shaz51 went shopping didn’t handle people getting in my space/blocking aisles too well. Going to plan timing a bit better next time to avoid crowds.apart from that not much. How about you?

Re: Good Morning!

sending you knowing hugs @TAB, My mr shaz is the same Smiley Very Happy

It is raining here today

Re: Good Morning!

Im not usually that bad @Shaz51 I enjoy shopping mostly Thanks. Yeah its 28 and fine here

Re: Good Morning!

what are you having for dinner @TAB

Re: Good Morning!

It was portugese chicken with humous and celery @Shaz51
Good Morning @Appleblossom re oirish good night how bout fairy tale song by pogues re irish good morning. Its actually a Christmas song?

Re: Good Morning!

Good Morning @Former-Member@Shaz51@Appleblossom@Wanderer@Zoe7 just watching sun come up here. Well had 4hrs sleep during day yest and went to bed early ok plus no daylight saving .. 🤨 👋

Re: Good Morning!

Good Morning @Blueflyer @boot 😀

Re: Good Morning!

Morning @TAB@Shaz51@Former-Member@Appleblossom@Zoe7@Faith-and-Hope


Been hot here as well, 31 yesterday and still warm this morning, hoping the cloud will hang around.


Watched the Vlad/Dracula movie last night so we slept in a little.

Very rough day yesterday, hopefully, today will be better.



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