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Family Violence

My daughter has schizoaffective disorder and her moods are not stable. She frequently engages in bouts of drinking heavily which aggravates her mood. This is leading to increased episodes of anger and rage mostly directed towards her husband, At least once a week. The husband allows my daughter to treat him very badly, possibly because he is on the Autism Spectrum so his emotional reactions are blunted. Unfortunately there is an 9 year old child  involved who regularly witnesses episodes of smashing plates, punching of  walls,  cereal bowl being thrown etc. and screaming so loud the whole neighbourhood can hear. It's a wonder no one has called the police. The father is unaware of just how distressed the child is  from being in a home with such aggression and violence. I have organised family counseling at an appropriate place, social workers have been to the house for visits in the past but the child's parents are not prepared or incapable of changing their behaviour. My daughter's drinking buddy also,hangs around the house. And the husband accepts  this. He doesn't even mind if he is left home on Saturday night with the kids while my daughter goes out for heavy  drinking with her friend coming home late and drunk.  Things came to a head a week ago when I interefered in their argument, as the older child was visibly distressed and hiding under the bed covers crying, In the end my daughter asked us to get out of the house at 10 pm at night. The next day my daughter demanded we come back but the child was very reluctant, My daughter reported it to the police but after getting our witness statements the police declined to return the child. My daughter then went to the court and filed an order to gain custody of the child accusing me of having sexually abused her  as a child so that the matter would be bought forward urgently. By this time the husband was happy to go back to her, despite the ongoing abuse so I was left out on a limb. Grandparents rights are not equal to parents I fear. . I have a serios lung disease so I didn't have the strength to fight such accusations in court. I delivered  the child to the father's workplace and am now taking a very back step. I have informed Child Protection  that I am only available in case of emergency. I am sorry for the child but I am relieved to be away from such an volatile home. If feel if I regain  my health and the abuse continues I will have to take action to 'rescue; the child?


Re: Family Violence

Hi there @Laeticia63 

A warm welcome to the forums. I am Whitehawk the moderator this evening. I am glad you have persisted in getting your first post to appear. I just want to acknowledge the courage you have shown in reaching out with your story. It has been quite a struggle for you to support your daughter and grandchild. The steps you have taken to attempt to keep your grandchild safe are most admirable and it is good to see that you are prepared to take action again when you are ready. As you undoubtably know the child's safety is of paramount concern.

I am sure the forums will be a soure of support, information and connection for you. Feel free to reach out the the members or the moderators if you need help. The guidelines are also a key resource. 

All the best on the forums



Re: Family Violence

Thanks for the welcome and the acknowledgment.

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