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Re: Exo's Exposé

thinking of you @Exoplanet hoping all is going ok Heart

Re: Exo's Exposé

thinking of you


animals do speak.jpg


Re: Exo's Exposé

It's a full week after surgery now, I've gotten rid of the annoying drains {I had 3, put into a cotton bag on each side of me; I called them my handbags . . . & they were quite annoying & I'm pretty stoked to be rid of them Smiley Very Happy } & everything is fine Smiley Happy I'm totally amazed at how well the recovery is going! I only spent 1 night in hospital & I walked out to the car! Smiley Surprised The cancer was a 'grade 3' the Doctor called it, which isn't as good a prognosis as a lesser grade, but there were good clear margins taken around it. I'm still not interested in chemo or raditation, but I will go to the appointment & listen, as I told the Doctor I would. I still have the same decision that I will live the natural path of my life. 


Love to all that need or want it Heart

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Re: Exo's Exposé

Dear @Exoplanet 


I am so pleased to read about your recovery period going so well..

good news about good clear margins also...

Going to the doctor to listen is a good plan...helpful for you to know what is going on ...keeping yourself informed about your health...your body..allowing you more information re making your own decisions..


Are you staying with your sister or daughter for a while? Sorry I cannot remember what the final plan was...

My mind is not playing fairly at the moment...


You are possibly feeling that the whole situation is quite much that you went through leading up to the operation..

You have done so very I have said before a warrior and a proud..


Big very very lovely for me to find your post when I logged on..


Re: Exo's Exposé

thinking of you @Exoplanet really good to hear from you and how your going 💛🧡💛

Re: Exo's Exposé

@Exoplanet  Hey Exoplanet Smiley Very Happy! So happy everything went so well for you. Loved your comment about your 'handbags'. Imagine walking out of hospital on day two after the operation omg you are one tough womanSmiley Happy. Nothing will get you down. You go girl! Looking forward to hearing more about your recovery. Lots of love always peaxxx

Re: Exo's Exposé

I'm definitely starting to notice 'cabin fever' . . . I feel like my Sisters little dog, waiting for walkies in the afternoons! Smiley Wink I definitely feel good enough to go home, get my puppies back & rest & recover more there! Smiley Happy As long as my Sister & Daughter could come & visit every week or so, to get some shopping - I'm pretty sure I'll be right Smiley Happy I'm doing all the excercises that I'm supposed to & I think I'm doing them all correctly & am able to do them properly. I'm not feeling any discomfort - . . . it's mind-boggeling how well I'm recovering!!! I have a post-op appointment next Friday & I'm thinking that would be a good time to collect the puppies & head home; as my Sister lives about the same distance on the other side of the city with the hospital as my place is on the other; so the appt would be like a half-way stop over. I am incredibly lucky to have had such amazing care, through my Doctor, the doctors & nurses in the public system & my Sister has been incredible! My Daughter is coming to visit again on Sunday Smiley Happy Right now, at this very point in my life, everything is pretty good. Get myself back home & independently mobile again & I think I will be looking for my next camping destination, & continuing to research my holiday house at the beach for a week Smiley Wink


Love to all that need or want it Heart

Re: Exo's Exposé

That does sound really positive @Exoplanet and great to hear. I hope the recovery continues as expected and you can go home soon to your fur babies Smiley Very HappyHeart

Re: Exo's Exposé

Re: Exo's Exposé

That is wonderful news @Exoplanet 

You are coming across as feeling stronger and getting your life back in control...I can sense some bubbly feelings especially when thinking of your puppies..

Camping yes that would be something very inspring and motivating for you to think about..once you have regained your strength...

You must be loving the support you have received from your sister and daughter....They have been wonderful...

Praise for the doctors, nurses and hospital is very encouraging for everyone to read about..


The house at the beach with a porch I remember .....feeling more achievable..

Love reading your thoughts and picking up on your strength..

take care...slowly does it...the sense of relief and free movement is so unexpected and will tire easily for a while though..

Cheers for you @Exoplanet  another big tick on your list of successes...

love Sophia 💜

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