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Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

Yes @Shaz51  before Holly I had a little Tenterfield Terrier called Abbie. Before that it was a beautiful Kelpie called Bessie. Prior to that, a mixy blob small terrier by the name of Tammie. We always had kelpies or border collies as working dogs growing up on the farm. And when I was young and into late teens, we had corgis as family dogs. They are wonderful little dogs.



Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

they are all lovely dogs @Sherry  , soo adorable and clever, mum had a "Tammy " she was soo beautiful and lcever     xxxx

Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

Q. What kind of dog does Dracula have? 


A. A bloodhound.


Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

Q. Why aren't dogs good dancers.


A. Because they have two left feet.

Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

This one for you @Darcy 


Q: Where do you find a dog with no legs?

A: Right where you left him!

Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

Custom made slippersdownload (12).jpg


images (28).jpg


Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†


Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

download (11).jpg


Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

images (58).jpg


images (59).jpg


images (60).jpg



Re: Dogs Rock πŸ˜†

images (55).jpg


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