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Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

@Sherry oh, and work, only a casual cashier for the last 6 months, lucky to get 1x 3hour shift a fortnight of late, hence my referring to insignificant hours. Looking for part time admin/office work of late, with a dozen applications required ASAP, but have not been up to it. And yes, it makes me feel like a human being to work hard, talk to customers, although I'm ready to move on 😊xx

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

That is an awful lot of stress, anxiety, distress, grief, mourning and more @Tufftimes ...., you have certainly chosen a username that reflects what has been happening in your life.  I am so sorry to hear it, and yet I am glad you are talking to us about it, and not carrying it all, so heavily, by yourself.


Hugs n hugs coming your way, from me, and ai expect from others here too.


Its lives experiences like these that you can write (or ask the mods to transfer from this thread for you) into your own space under Our Stories m, if you want.  That’s what @Sherry was referring to.  Do what feels like it works for you .... it’s great to see you visiting a few threads and getting to know other forumites.


Self-care is big on the recovery to-do list, and making a Coping Box is a good idea too.  Choose an attractive box, or β€œpretty” it up in some way that is soecial to you.  Then place inside things to help you manage on down days and / or times ..... perhaps a hand cream with a comforting scent, some tea bags of herbal tea, a CD of music, websites to visit, special photos, pen and paper to write things out, a coffee or foot massage voucher, etc .....

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Oh dear me @Tufftimes  ... you have been through so much. Not quite sure where to start in fact. I think, given this thread is in the Social Section of the Carers forums, I wont respond in detail here.  Your post from today probably belongs in the Lived Experience forums under My Story.  What you have just written.... is a perfect opening post to a new thread on the Lived Experience forums.  You are like many of us here, with both a lived experience of personal MH issues, as well as being carers.  I have a thread in the Carers section as well as the Lived Experience section.  And perhaps you might like to consider doing that too.  @Faith-and-Hope  mentioned that the moderators can transfer it for you.  Alternatively I think you could copy your post here and copy it into a newly opened thread in the Lived Experience side of the forums. I know you can open a new thread because you did so with this thread, though perhaps you do not know how to get into the Lived Experience side?  If you need help, just ask.  And please remember to tag me in. 


Sounds like you work in a similar line to what I used to.  I did bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, cashier work, office receptionist, office manager, hotel-motel manager, general dogsbody ... anything in that line of work. As I said, I miss it now.  I did manage to do some casual work from home for a while after I finished official work, but it just became too difficult to continue as hubby became more dependant and my parents both fell seriously ill over the past 2 years, all of them requiring long stays in hospital and me needing to travel away from our rural home to city hospitals. Now I feel like my brain is turning to unused mush!


Its now 11pm, too late for a coffee.  But I do have a nice brand of hot chocolate.  Care to try one?  @Shaz51 @Faith-and-Hope @outlander @Tufftimes 


Sherry πŸΆβ˜•πŸŒΈ



Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Ohhhhhh @Tufftimes , are you ok my friend , I am here for you xxxx

Hello @Sherry , @Faith-and-Hope , @outlander 

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

@Shaz51  I am okay, thanks, as the saying supposedly goes, "what doesn't break us makes us stronger" or something like that, lol Smiley Happyx

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

sending you hugs my friend @Tufftimes , yes sometimes it is good to share xx

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Hi @Tufftimes @Shaz51   β€˜.... I hope you both get a bit of a break somewhere across the Easter week.  It’s tough for you too @Sherry @outlander .

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

hello @Tufftimes , @Sherry , @outlander , @Faith-and-Hope 


cheese plate.jpg


hot chocolate.pngHot Chocolate


coffee 1.png






Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

hello @Shaz51

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