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Creativity is intelligence having fun.

This is a thread for people who like to be creative and how mental health effects their creativity.Anything from painting to writing to mathematical formulas to building treehouses to gardening to music, It's different than the craft thread. The craft one is good but I can't do craft. I always get holes in my knitting and I just don't like it.

So I will start. I am writing 3 books which I will illustrate. I list a lot when I am manic and have 30 or more ideas for paintings and stories and helping the world and making money. When I am done and well again I look at the list again and maybe can get one or two stories out of it that makes sense. I laugh at all the other ones. They are so crazy but I keep them in a draw. I like to paint too but it's very messy and I have a house to run. I think that you can get a bit carried away by projects and stay up all night. Does anyone else do that? 


Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Great ideas @Sweet_cheeks  Smiley Happy

I feel like I have lost some creativity and motivation since my diagnosis about 18 months ago.  I used to try and play guitar and my uke, but, I really haven't put any effort into it for nearly a year now. 


I definitely lose track of time when I get engrossed in doing creative things.  I wish I could draw or paint, but, i really am hopeless at it.  I hope to try some basic pottery and painting soon.

Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

@Gazza75  Hi Gazza, Ukalele how cool is that. Can you hula. I love tiki bars. do you write your own music. I would love to play. You are so lucky to have musical talent. I like to listen but I can't play it hurts my fingers and I have no patience. I am sorry about your diagnosis but it's better to know I guess. However I felt I was a better stronger person before I was diagnosed. I got a lot more done and was full of energy. Now I sometimes feel like a blob. 

It's too bad you're feeling too flat to get into some music.I get periods where i have no motivation and think its all a waste of time and what I'm doing is rubbish.  I have to force myself to write or do art. I've joined a writers group. We don't share our work.We just write in a group on our own stuff and when we have finished we chat. Sometimes I struggle but i sort of map things out and go back to it when I am excited again and make it more lively and interesting. Would you ever think of playing with others. There is a group called mental as anything. You could call your band  lived experience Like the Jimi Hendrix experience without jimi.

Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Hey @Sweet_cheeks , I found the uke a fair bit easier than guitair.  I tried to learn acoustic and apparently thats harder than electric , at least on the fingers.  I can't hula, but, I would enjoy relaxig in a tiki bar for a while Smiley Wink 


I used to noodle around a bit, i didn't feel like I was writing my own music, but, in hindsight I guess I was in an odd kind of way, just mucking about with chords and fingerpicking things.  Fingers do get used to it fairly quickly, but, the patience is something a bit more diffucult lol Smiley Happy


I always felt like I was just a bit out or not quite able to grasp and nail songs like I wanted to.  Also, I had to practice frequently or I would just loose it.  


The writers group sounds great and good for you!  What kind of writing do you do?  I love to read science fiction, i used to read a lot of fantasy when I was younger.  I have gotten into historical fiction the last few years, really enjoy reading about roman stuff in particular.  I love the engunuity and can do mindset they had to life.  


Great ideas with the bandnames, you definitely have a creative streak or two in you Smiley Happy

Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Yes Yes and Yes



Creativity comes into lots of things, how we relate to others and science.

Gardening is def part of my creativity now, tho I did not like it when I was young, but I am lucky to see the results of all the little bits of work I put in over the years.

Cheers Bella.

Smiley Happy

Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

@Gazza75  You've probably already read the Robert Harris books on Rome. I loved them. Its funny that you should mention how advance they were. My uncle used to build roman roads all over the farm. He became an army engineer.

My stories are a little strange. I'm doing one about a boy who is a magical artist. All his drawings come to life. He even meets Van gogh in one of his paintings and has a fight in a bar in Arles with all the other famous magic artists.  But the boy has some inner turmoil and one of his drawings is a monster called eraser man who erases the people the boy is angry at. the monster erases them as if they'd never existed. I got the idea from watching a hilarious movie about Stalin. called death of Stalin I think that's what it is called with steve buschemi as kruschev. the end was chilling with all these photos that had been doctored as though the people had never existed.

My sister is a huge Isaac Asimov reader. I've only read some short stories. They were good. What are the ones you like and what ones do you think have come or will come true. That's probably a big question. I love BladeRunner but I wouldn't want to live in a place that rains all the time.


Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

@Appleblossom What you are growing. It's apples isn't it. Haha, I used to get into gardening but my twin toddlers used to have sword fights with all my beautiful agapanthus. What do you grow. Herbs are easy,Do you grow cherry tomatos.

You're right about science and relating to others, But science is something concrete that you can see your success. Although some people get credit for what other poor people discover like Nicola Testla and Rosalind Franklin and our own Howard Florey. Relating to people is a real talent. A great one. You seem very empathetic reading all the posts . There are a few people on the site who are responsive and kind when people feel hopeless. I've certainly had some real support and sensible advice in hours of need. So I thank you and all the others.

Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.


I haven't read or heard of Robert Harris, I will have to look him up this afternoon.  I've about 5 or 10 books that I still have to get through, I haven't been reading much lately. One of my local library is selling books off dirt cheap and I buy pretty much all the science fictions that are available. 


That sounds very interesting about your uncle and the roads Smiley Happy  I saw a facebook post a while ago showing some roman roads built thoudsands of years ago and more modern ones with potholes everywhere in them, quite the contrast.


Your story sounds very interesting and different to Me, thanks for sharing it Smiley Happy  


I think I've read nearly all that Asimov wrote, he was prolific.  His foundation series was pretty amazing considering when he actually wrote it.  One of my favourite short stories is by Mike Resnick called Kirinyaga.  Its about a utopian society.  I loved that each chapeter was like a mini story and had something pretty profound in it and that he was able to weave it all together and make a fairly incredible story.


A lot of the stuff that William Gibson wrote about has come true and just a matter of time before more of it becomes reality.  I heard earlier today that some scientists from Israel have made a functioning artifical heart from a 3d printing using human tissues.


Being stuck in rain all the time isn't much fun!! 


Good on you for doing gardening @Appleblossom .  I have slackened off in that, but, I still great pleasure in flowering plants and trees.  We are so lucky to have a climate so conductive to growing and nurturing things.  Smiley Happy

Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Hi @Sweet_cheeks . Thanks for establishing this new forum post- great idea! Hi @Gazza75 @Appleblossom . Nice to be part of this group! I look forward to seeing where this post goes and what happens here!


I agree that creativity is intelligence having fun because I’m creative in terms of craft- knitting, crochet and cross stitch- but I also love colours and what I can do with them, such as in drawing pictures(I’m not an artist by any way and I draw abstract stuff just for fun). I also like writing in a journal and find that to be very soothing when I can’t verbally talk things out to people. Writing down different ideas at odd hours of the night- 3am anyone?- is great fun as I’m often amazed at what I come up with. Some of the ideas are funny yet some of them make me really question myself. I also like questioning things and would have loved to have studied philosophy at uni except for the fact that it had a 3 hour exam and that put me off it. Things like ‘What is creativity?’ and ‘Is mental illness really a disability?’ are things that I like to question because of the different answers people have and write about. Maybe it’s my uni background coming into play, but I like writing and it’s fun. I also like looking at plants and flowers as they are so unique yet so wonderful to look at, despite me not being a gardener. Listening to music is also me being creative as I like to understand the songs and what the musician was trying to say and how I’d imagine the film clip to the song. Books are also great like that in that they allow me to imagine scenes in my head and I realise that they often don’t work out to be the same when they are made into movies, such as Harry Potter and one of my favourite books, Looking for Alibrandi.


Re: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

@Judi9877 @Gazza75 @Appleblossom Hi Judi, I remember looking for Alibrandi. I guess because you are imaginative the movies don't live up to your expectations. I think it's interesting that you can see pictures listening to music. I can't. It's good to know someone is listing at 3am. Although I've had to cut that out now. What did you study at uni?

Gazza that is amazing making an artificial heart. I'd like an artificial brain. Maybe a carbon copy of Isaac Asimov. Is he dead. He was definitely smart and probably fun. WHo's brain would you like. You are probably happy with your own except for the mental illness. I'd like 2 hearts make it a bunch on ice so I can stay alive.

Hi Appleblossom what are you growing. It seems we all like gardening or looking at them anyway

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