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Senior Contributor

Anxiety On A Tv Show

I was watching the reality show called "Married At First Sight". Did anyone else watch this year's season of the show? One of the guys on the show had social anxiety yet he still partcipated in the show. I mean I have some anxiety these days but I could never go on a reality tv show. That guy did.He deserves a trophy for being brave.What a true chapion.That takes so much courage. To be in front of cameras capturing so much of your daily life as part of a couple must be stressful to say the least.Although his time on the show was short lived he went on to deal with his social anxiety and it improved. You have to admire people who have the courage to participate in tv shows. That guy is a winner.


Re: Anxiety On A Tv Show

That's a great observation @Denv12, it does take a lot of courage. For those of us who don't watch Married at First Sight, did the guy talk about his anxiety and why he went on the show? 

Re: Anxiety On A Tv Show

Hi @Ali11 .

Yes,his social anxiety was mentioned at times in various episodes. Everyone who was in the show explained why they went on the show.They all were hoping to find love.

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