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Re: Taking the plunge

I feel worried about being out so it's good to be home in that way @Maggie. It was weird and sad to leave the office then really weird and sad leaving parents. Hard with the crew at home but they know why they have to stay home which makes it easier.

I think so many of us are feeling a bit that way, with not really seeing it coming and getting the message now. It's huge for everyone.

Glad counsellor is coming in person and even more glad you're still able to connect with her. It's super important. I have my psych via Skype this morning.

How are you going for essentials? Is delivery (groceries) able to happen where you are?

Re: Taking the plunge

Uncertainty is an awful thing to grapple with @CheerBear . No one knows, so all are guessing.

So many out of work and finances cut. Hard to comprehend the pain so many are now facing. We can only be here with and for each other. My heart goes out to so many.


So good the crew know why they are home. It’s a tough call for energetic kids.  Yes, leaving the office and family would have been really hard. ❤️❤️


No grocery deliveries happening here atm. There’s an IGA store not far away, so I can get anything I need there.


Spoke with one of my brothers yesterday. He’s doing it hard. His place of worship ( the pub) now closed., He is there Mon to Sat, has Sunday off. He’s a worry.


Re: Taking the plunge

My heart is hurting also @Maggie and is worried about pain to come. It's all a bit big and scary.

Is your IGA stocked well enough? Ours has been pretty bare for weeks.

How often do you speak with your brother? Having usual places and groups closed is tough. Hard to be worrying about him and I'm guessing not able to really do more than listen and give empathy (which is worth so much but often doesn't feel so much when giving it maybe).


Re: Taking the plunge

It might be big and scary for a long time @CheerBear . The world as we knew it, has changed. And in a very short space if time, we have changed with it, or are changing.


The store comes and goes with stock. I don’t eat much, and living alone, don’t need much. I get by on the smell of an oily rag at the best of times. 😄😄


I talk to bro every 2 weeks usually. He’s not an easy person to help @CheerBear , we both have that in common. He’s independent, even a not coping independent. We have a lot in common. He has a heart of pure gold, but it’s well and truly hidden. His very rough exterior is one of the best masks I’ve come across. I really love him.


Re: Taking the plunge

It's helping me to hope that this can be a chance for people to understand what really matters to them and what they really value @Maggie, and to hope that it has some positive long term impacts. Hopefully. And yes, I too think it's going to be scary and big for a while. Hard to imagine life being normal again.

I felt warm inside hearing you say you really love him. He sounds like you - heart of gold and fiercely independent. I hope he can find a way to get through this time OK.

I have a worry with second sib, someone who has an incredibly "together" outside. This one has crumbled and is on stress leave from a brand new job. At times they have had some pretty full on germ fear and I think the germ thing has triggered all the hidden stress and anxiety to surface big time. We spoke the other day and connected in a much deeper way than usual. Worry also though. Second sibling has resorted to an unhelpful coping thing since losing their job. They're not here at the moment but are coming back soon and the unhelpful will have to be worked on or we will hit melting point I fear.

Re: Taking the plunge

Yes @CheerBear  back to kindness and respect for starters. I too hope some positive will come out of all of this. 


I think masks are coming off for many @CheerBear . The together look, is being shattered, reality is hitting hard. Those of us who have struggled with isolation and hardships, ( unnoticed ) will help those who have felt strong. What is strength after all, it’s being there for each other, in our weaknesses.


It brings home the fact we are all human. All a mixture of strength and weakness. We need each other. No man/woman is an island.


I hope you manage ok with sib issues. I do know I couldn’t cope if bro was on my doorstep. Go gently @CheerBear 💚💚💚💚


Re: Taking the plunge

So, so true @Maggie

I have a plan to turn my room into a better working and video calling space this morning and want to get started on that so I'm heading out. So great to have spent some time with you this morning. I've been feeling pretty sad and stressed. You're a spark of good in all of the not-so-good.

Hope counsellor feels good for you 🐱🐶🦄

Re: Taking the plunge

@Maggie I found an article I really related to written a few days ago and thought you (and others) might too. It's about grief while living through this time and includes discussion on anticipatory grief. It helped put words to feelings for me.

Big, mega love ❤

Re: Taking the plunge

Love from me to you both too @Maggie @CheerBear  xoxo  So glad you have each other.  I follow along even if I'm not saying much here.  And it's nice to be included in the morning coffee run, tho' I usually miss the moment it's there waiting for me when I come on board.  Coffee no. 2 now ...

How to Make the Perfect Latte | Barista Tips | Caffe Society



Thinking about you a lot too @Sherry xx




Re: Taking the plunge

Thanks @CheerBear  that’s excellent. 💛💛💛

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