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New Contributor

New to BPD diagnosis


I have joined this group as my mate has just been confirmed as having bpd. 

He was told he should have been diagnosed at age 15 when all of this started. 

He is now 26. He is living with us and I am trying my hardest to help him. 

I take him to his drs appointments and he has been told he needs to be with someone 24hrs. 

He will be seeing a psychologist once I can get him in. He ended up in hospital over the weeknd from his bpd. 

I my self suffer from anxiety but this is not effecting me. I am more concerned with him then me. 


I guess im writing for advice and help. What can I do to help him. 


Re: New to BPD diagnosis

Hi @Small-mighty, welcome to the forums. It sounds like it's a pretty tough time for your friend and you are being an awesome mate to ensure that he is kept safe and ensuring that he attends all of his appointments. Having that support network is helpful when recovering, so you are doing the right thing. Make sure that you do also look after yourself, even though you mentioned that you are ok, are there activities that you both enjoy doing together that can help blow off some steam? 

Re: New to BPD diagnosis

Hi @Small-mighty  and welcome to the forum.

I just wanted to check in and commend you in supporting your mate and seeking further ways to do this. I support my wife who lives with BPD and something that she lacks is genuine friends looking out for her best interests, and from my limited research this seems to be a common theme for people with BPD, your friend is lucky to have you around. 


One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you first up is to keep up your own self care and get adequate support for yourself, particularly as you mentioned you have anxiety yourself. 


Not sure what else to say at the moment as I have a bit going on and a little distracted. I will check in again though so feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them. 


All the best.. 


Re: New to BPD diagnosis

He has gotten back from the psychologist who has suggested dialectical behaviour therapy. 

Im doing research in how I can help with this as well. 

He has been told it’s life long and he will need at least a year to learn how to cope and even then is a long way off living a normal life. 

He got upset and I wanted to cry while I was hugging him.


Please if anyone has ideas on how to help let me know.  

Re: New to BPD diagnosis

Hi Man,
Great that he has a mate like you around him. Hope you're staying calm Smiley Happy

All I can give is anecdotal advice having experienced similar to what he is most likely feeling now.

All you can do is be there for him. Hopefully his treatment will kick in soon.

I also hope that he is eating the right foods {Complex carbs, meat, vegetables], drinking plenty of water and that he is exercising (albeit a walk around the house, sitting outside, getting sun etc]


Absolutely no drugs or alcohol...

Once again, it's great he has a mate like you and let him know that there is hope... whole bunch of us with this terrible disease that are coping and leading fulfilling lives.

Take care of yourself,


Re: New to BPD diagnosis

We're sorry to hear about the latest in your mate's diagnosis @Small-mighty. It sounds like you are trying to make his life as normal as possible regardless. Have you been able to get together a medical team to be a support network for both you and your mate? 

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