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Casual Contributor

Nephew mental illness

Hi everyone and thanks for listening, just briefly - my nephew (29) has ongoing mental health issues since losing his mum at the age of 14.  Mum (my sister) was a drug addict she passed away in a car accident while under the influence of heroin. 

He has Schizophrenia, PTSD, Depression and a long history of self harm. He has been in and out of jail and hospital since she passed.
He is now in the care of a not for profit service with a house and 24/7 carers.  He has had multiple hospital admissions.  His carers are amazing and genuinely care for him.  The last week he has escalated and attempted multiple times Smiley Sad

He is a beautiful kind hearted boy and I know he doesn't really want to die he just wants the pain to stop.  It feels like the authorities just don't care, he hasn't seen a psychiatrist just a psychologist.  He called Lifeline and they told him to call his mental health team, he called them and they said they didn't know why lifeline had told him to call them and he needs to talk to lifeline.  I am just coasting along and have absolutely no idea what to do basically waiting for THAT phone call Smiley Sad


Re: Nephew mental illness

ohhhhh @thisaunty 

i would like to say a big sorry for taking soo long to reply 

how are you today , remember your own self care too my friend 

and to let you know you are not alone 

how is you nephew going xx



Re: Nephew mental illness

Dear @thisaunty 

I'm so sorry we've taken a while to reply too! Sometimes posts can fly under the radar a bit just by chance so I hope it doesn't discourage you from reaching out here.


I can hear so much compassion and love for your nephew, I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is to see him suffer. Please persist here so you can connect with others who might relate.


How are you and your nephew going now?

Take care Heart


Re: Nephew mental illness

Hi and thank you for replying.  He is now in a HDU at the hospital.  He threatened to hurt his carers so they weren't going to take any chances.  Whenever he gets angry he is a different person and afterwards he is so sorry and embarrassed Smiley Sad  He has never seriously hurt anyone but he does get quite scary.  (his mother was exactly the same)  Don't know whether it's a mental illness or it's learned behaviour but he blanks out when he gets angry and doesn't remember anything afterwards.  

The public guardian has said the hospital are holding him on an order and won't be able to leave until he says so.  It breaks my heart he has been let down by every single human who has entered his life since he was born.  His parents, the mental health system, the jail, I just don't know what I can do I will never let him down. but I don't know what I can do

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