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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi all. I am new to this. My husband since July 2019 but friend of 20+ years is struggling with an episode of either psychosis or mania. He had a 22 years history in the MH sector and his experiences have been extremely negative. He is terrified of seeking help and has serious trust issues. Our story is long so will not go into all of it now. 
three things about me:

I have two amazing adult children - 18 & 21

i love animals - have 5 cats (yes 5) and a giant dog. 
I am a mental health practitioner 😬.  Not feeling like a good one at the moment 😢. 

my husband - who I'll call H - is really unwell and I don't know what to do as I'm afraid I'll breach his trust and I'm the only person he has. I'm exhausted and so incredibly sad. 


Re: Introduce yourself here

Good morning @KEY 

Welcome aboard.

Psychosis/mania/psychotic mania = difficult times and you would likely be well aware of what is likely necessary. 


Does Mr H have any insight? A safety plan in place that you can refer to?


I will tag you in a couple of posts that you might find BV helpful.



Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi, a new concerned father here trying to assist an adult son with Bipolar. He is late 30's. I am a divorcee of 19 years and I have shared my suburban home with only him for two years now. He is currently hospitalised in medical care after a break down recently. Two weeks in hospital now and coming home again in two days. The mental health professionals at the hospital (NSW) are saying they have a follow up team and a care plan. I’m 67 and pretty healthy but the recent breakdown involved a very serious over reaction to a neighbour’s over the fence complaints about an argument (actually a loud video phone call) on his own veranda. The neighbours (a husband and wife off-duty police couple) apparently triggered this reaction. There was no physical violence from him at any stage, but his overreaction (verbal response) was not normal behaviour, heightened anxiety and blood pressure (diagnosed later) at very dangerous levels. Management of these events is now outside my skill set and I’m very concerned about the new triggers a couple of doors away in a normally quiete suburban cul-de-sac street.

He has been working measurably well at self-management . He has also accepted that the Bipolar condition is real and needs to be managed (medication included). This event however is a significant setback on many fronts but I’m hoping the care plan and medical team back up will perhaps be what was always needed.

I could use some real-life advice. I’m interested in how others manage life with an adult bipolar family member and if the mental health care plan arrangements work for them.



Re: Introduce yourself here

hi @KEY @dwenhv @Harmony_seeker  and all our new members

welcome to you all! i hope you find being here helpful, your welcome to tag me (just put an @ before my name or other members name whom you wish to talk to) anytime or if you need any help. 

also please feel free to create a thread for yourself so we can support you along your journey and to have a look around and join in whereever you like! 

we have a thread called Hot Chocolate Anyone ?  where many members and carers hang out and chat over a virtual beverage. your most welcome to join us!


Just looking for support


my nephew has severe mental health issues and has had for many years 

I guess I'm just looking for someone to talk to


Re: Just looking for support

@thisaunty Welcome, you can definitely talk to us here Heart We are all ears. Feel free to let us know a bit more about what's going on for you. You can start new threads any time you want here  by hitting new discussion Smiley Happy We are here to help out.


Re: Introduce yourself here

I am here to connect, learn and share ideas with fellow carers

1.I am a good cook

2.struggle a lot with weight loss

3.I am not a sports person


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hello @Salma 

Welcome aboard.

I will tag you in a couple of discussion threads that might be of help to you. Perhaps you might like to start your own story so that others can offer some targeted carers advice should you need some.


Hi I'm Ladasha, This is my first post

I like to read

I'm interested in the natural world with special interets in birds and mammals

I love to travel - all plans on hold currently of course due to CV19

My adult son lives with me

Currently he is displaying worrying symptoms, feelings of persecution, real or imagined, with associated hgh anxiety

I'm looking for strategies to support him to achieve a healthy lifestyle so I can have my lovely son back

I need to know how to talk to him about how he feels so he believes I believe him

I need strategies to keep myself well through this turbulent phase too

Lots to ask of this forum

But wondering if you can point me in the right direction please



Re: Introduce yourself here

hi @Ladasha and welcome
it sounds quite tough for you at the moment! well done for reaching out for some supports for yourself, I do hope you find being here helpful.
please fell free to have a look around and join in wherever you like as well as creating a thread for yourself so we can support you on your journey.

a little forum tip is to put an @ before a members name, this will give the member a notification that your talking to them.

I don't have kids of my own so im perhaps not the best person to give advice on this situation however ill tag @Appleblossom @greenpea @eth @Faith-and-Hope @Smc who may be able to provide some advice for you

For urgent assistance, call: