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New Contributor

I’m New To Sane

Hi everyone,


I’m new to SANE and I wanted to seize this opportunity to quickly introduce myself, as well as paint a picture of my mental illnesses. 


I’m a twenty-something year old female and I have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. I have also been diagnosed as infertile. I moved out of my parents’ home at the age of nineteen and rented a house with my boyfriend—we still live together. 


I am feeling overwhelmed with life at the minute. Since completing my Bachelor in Counselling in 2016, I have failed to find a job due to my anxiety (and possibly my BPD too?). I have never been career-focused and always pictured my future as a stay at home mum. Except, since being diagnosed with infertility, the possibility of being a stay at mum home mum anytime soon is unlikely. I am currently waiting for an appointment to see my OBGYN to discuss further fertility treatment (IVF). 


Since being unable to find a job and being unable to have children (yet) I am finding it very difficult to find purpose. At the end of the day, you either have a successful career or a stay at home parent, right? Well, I can’t do either, apparently. I feel like I am a pathetic excuse for a human being and I am wasting valuable space on Earth. 


Basically, I am feeling overwhelmed and I don’t really know what to do anymore. 


Re: I’m New To Sane

Welcome to the forum @Soliques There are great people here and we all have our different struggles.

Smiley Happy

Try not to box yourself in regarding life choices. There are many ways of leading a meaningful life and in the end it is up toyou and your values.  I have a sister in law who adopted 2 korean children as babies ...

Take Care

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Re: I’m New To Sane

Welcome to the forum @Soliques. We're sorry to hear that you are feeling overwhelmed and without purpose. Outside of study, what things do you like to do in your spare time? @Appleblossom hits the nail on the head, there are many things that you can do to live a full and valued life, which sometimes don't fit inside the box but are just as fantastic nonetheless.  

Re: I’m New To Sane

Hi @Soliques 


Welcome to the forums. You'll find support here, and encouragement too. Sounds like things are pretty tough right now, but there are ways of finding purpose and meaning in life. Because I've not been able to work for some time, I volunteer a several organisations. One of them is an op shop, where at least I'm gaining skills in retail, customer service and money handling. I'm actually a nurse, so some of these skills I won't need in the future. But it is good to be part of the community.


I'm not sure if you have any hospitals near you, but I've heard of volunteer positions of baby cuddlers. These are babies of mothers with addiction and other issues.


Purpose can be found sometimes in the smallest and most unexpected of ways. And what you do now doesn't have to be forever. It can just be until something different or better comes along.

Re: I’m New To Sane

Hi I get it, this forum is good for venting as we all need to vent "I do " life is hard, we all need support weather its face to face or on line. Small steps do help me, so take one small step then a nuther one...I am trying to take small steps and finding it hard..thats why I am hear..will conenue to try with small steps...

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