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How to overcome anxiety at workplace?

It has been almost a year I did not share my thoughts or experinces in this forum site. After 3 years of sebatical break, I'm back to work. The first week was very normal but later the whole situation changed. I could feel something unusual in me. I was not able to engage myself in the new environment. Some collegues were asking me unneccearsy questions based on my personal issues. I was trying to avoid them. I could not face them and was not bold enough to speak up. I tend to isolate myself. The anxiety grew from day to day. I feel very unsafe at the workplace. I feel like I have lost my confidence and creditibility. Every other day is being a day full of conflicts. Please advice me. Thank youMan Sad


Re: How to overcome anxiety at workplace?

Perhaps they meant well? @Akash75 re questions at work. I have been at same place for 2 1/2 wks now .. well. Sort of similar.. lots of negative preconceived ideas about other people in my mind, and worrying and getting angry at self sometimes
People react to what they see. If you look upset , its hard for them to be nice
Some people are not so bad now that I have got a bit more used to things.
I think for me its just getting rest, trying to eat properly and just accepting thingsand not taking them out on myself then it gets easier
At least I only have a week to go there. Its not a good place , but I need the money.
It must be strange going back after so long.
Perhaps tell a professional or someone outside of work what it is happening it may be easier for them to understand what is happening.

Re: How to overcome anxiety at workplace?

Hi @Akash75,

It seems like readjusting back to your work environment has been deeply unsettling for you. You sound like you’re going through a very rough time, and the questions they asked have clearly rattled seem shaken by it all.

I like @TAB’s suggestions to reach out for help. Or perhaps even consider the HR department; the only drawback with that is sometimes internal work politics means HR may not make this the best option. But maybe you could still consider it. Thinking of you.

Kindness only,

Re: How to overcome anxiety at workplace?

Hi @Akash75
I took a year off of work because of my mental health and it was really hard to go back. I found people were awkward around me for a while and a few people made some comments in a round a bout way trying to ask questions. It did settle down though and I became jsut part of the furniture in a way. Things got hard again with other circumstances and I thought that that would never settle down but again it did. There are some things that I think time does help with.. I would politely just tell people i was ok if they asked (even if i felt they were asking for more information) and then steer the conversation back to work related things. Being back at work for me ahs been kind of good in that it certainly keeps me busy and i have something that forces me to keep going without too much time to think, but its also been hard gto balance everything and keep up with things when the MI is taking away my concentration/motivation/energy etc...
I hope that things settle for you a bit, it did help me to talk things through with my psychologist at the time as well and develop strategies with her for how to handle different situations/questions.
Take care

Re: How to overcome anxiety at workplace?

I still get anxiety at work my job does not help it either because it is mostly back to back appointments and always rush rush..

A couple of times I had to let my job go at the time when we were not housed as I was under immense stress.

I was shaky and couldn't perform treatments the best I can

I definately still feel some days I have lost my confidence when I am having my bad days.

It's a time thing though when you remove some of the issues that are causing or triggering the anxiety...but it's not easy when circumstances are still there as well etc

It also isn't easy when you are fighting the war within you're mind and having conflict between others I am still trying to deal with that now

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