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How do I check in?

By way of background info.... Yesterday was our first good day after 3 days of sad thoughts. Soon after going around on the morning of day 2 to do nothing but be ‘present’ for my lady, her thoughts were that she had to engage and entertain me and do stuff. So her and so not true. I just wanted to let her know I was available, she was not alone and we were going to get through it. 

As she laid on the couch drifting in and out of sleep I knew she was physically ‘safe’, but I couldn’t know how she was mentally. And this is my question(s) ... how do I know? What signs should I look for? How do I ask the gentle probing questions that give the answers of reassurance? 

As for yesterday... a stellar day. My  lady was back! The chirp in her voice, the bounce in her step, the (sometimes naughty) banter in conversation, the beauty of her hugs! The three of us had a great time! 


Re: How do I check in?

hi @Novicesupporter and welcome, im sorry your post hasn't been responded till now. im not to sure about questions but perhaps when shes feeling ok, sit down with her and write down what her warning signs are that shes started to struggle ie, feeling more lethargic, more irriated, dissociating more but whatever it is she experiences. and what she find most helpful, then if you notice those signs you can make some suggestions-like reminders.

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