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Casual Contributor

Help at last

Hello everyone. New to this forum. Just so happy to find this group. I'm endeavouring to gain knowledge so I know how to support a family member who has recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.


Re: Help at last

hello @Flo and welcome
please feel free to have a look around and join in wherever you like.
we have a thread called 'hot chocolate anyone?' in the social section where many carers hang out. please pop in anytime!

I don't care for someone who have borderline personality disorder however I do have the condition myself and am happy to share any knowledge I have or answer any questions you may have

also a little forum tip is to put an @ before a members name, this way that member will receive a notification that your talking to them

I think @Determined may be able to offer some advice too

Re: Help at last

Hi @Flo  and welcome.

Thanks @outlander  for the tag.


Juat checking in quickly as I pass by.

Will check in again a little later on. A bit snowed atm. 


Re: Help at last

hey @Flo just wondered how your going?

Re: Help at last

Thank you for your messages. I'm still learning how to process this forum🤦‍♀️
I'm a Nana desperate to help my grandchild, & am gaining so much insight from other members & nice to know there is so much support & kindness.


Re: Help at last

Thank you for asking@outlander. I’m good & keen to learn as much as I can from this forum.

Re: Help at last

To @Determined 


impressed with this forum. So much input, kindness & advice. 
I'm very grateful



Re: Help at last

that's ok @Flo it can take some time to navigate and to learn to use.
we are only to happy to share the knowledge and experiences we have with you

Re: Help at last

Morning @Flo 

It is lovely to hear a Nana so keen to help.

As outlander mentioned I support my wife (aka my darlikg) of 20+ years who lives with BPD.  I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.


The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to set clear boundaries. Slightly different dynamic for your relationship but it has made a big difference in our family. 

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