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Geriatric chemical restraint



Does anyone have experience with chemical restraint, my Mum is 86 and having episodes of psychosis more frequently. It's been said that we may have to look at chemical restraint for her on going care. I'm after opinions, Pros and Cons. Anything to weigh up this option.


Thanks guys 


Re: Geriatric chemical restraint


You will find there are state guidelines in relation to the use of chemical restraint and getting appropriate consent for this.


Pertinent questions include What drug / dose is going to be used?

Is Mum on any drug for her psychosis? (Does she have a diagnosed psychotic disorder?)

Is there a "black box" warning on these drugs?


Here is one example of guidelines.





Re: Geriatric chemical restraint

Yikes @Icare20 

Sounds like a pdoc review might be necessary and perhaps get advice as to whether or not an adjustment to her psych meds would give improvement to her symptoms as a flow on effect. 


Lack of motivation is a problem as staff can only do so much to encourage residents to participate in leisure and lifestyle activities that are offered. 


Re: Geriatric chemical restraint

Thanks @Darcy
What’s a pdoc review? They have upped her meds, but there’s a fine line between max they can give and physical side effects. Constipation and tremors that make eating and drinking hard. She’s not really interested in what I’m doing either which makes it hard to have a conversation over the phone. Funny thing is she complains to the staff if I don’t. She’s a difficult one that’s for sure. At least she’s not running around putting herself at risk now. When I ask her what does she want me to do, she says there’s nothing anyone can do. I’d just love to be able t9 fix it lol.....

Re: Geriatric chemical restraint


Pdoc = psychiatrist

Side effects = yikes and the elderly are at particular risk.


I have noticed that when unwell our loved ones have difficulty seeing beyond themselves and their own misery and as you say, do not seem to have any motivation to do something that would make life a little better.


Re: Geriatric chemical restraint

hello @Icare20 

how are you today , thinking of you and hoping you are ok Heart


Re: Geriatric chemical restraint

Ty @Shaz51

I’m taking a break today. What you up to?

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