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Re: Fragile

Thanks for keeping us in the loop @Appleblossom, and this counsellor sounds promising .... looking forward to hearing how you get on 💜

Senior Contributor

Re: Fragile

Thinking of you and sending lots of love @Appleblossom .  I think you've made the right decision in finding a new psychologist by the sounds of things.  It's so hard to find a good match.  Took me 4 years and 2 states.  Have you thought about asking your psychiatrist to recommend someone?  That's how I found my current psychologist.  Great to hear about the course you've been accepted into as well.  Really hoping that you have found a sense of hope again looking forward to that, and that has helped ease the si.  xxx


Re: Fragile

Well done @Appleblossom  ! I know functioning with sui ideation can really be tough. Sounds like you’ve made some really positive decisions.


Re: Fragile

@Appleblossom Heart 


Sometimes the future is just too far away to see

When pain saturates your mind & body

But it's there - somewhere

Lurking in the background, dancing in the rain

There is happiness still to be found again

You may need to be patient, more than quiet

Stationary, still

But I believe in your courage

in the strength of your will.


Calmness for you Appleblossom Heart



Re: Fragile

thinking of you @Appleblossom Heart

Re: Fragile

Thank you for your beautiful post @Exoplanet 


@outlander I often think of you too.  Hope you are alright.


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