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Re: A long rave

You have come such a long way @Appleblossom so celebrate that Hon Heart

Re: A long rave

Good morning to all passing here today.  @Zoe7 @Mazarita @greenpea @Appleblossom @Angels333 @CheerBear @Shaz51 @outlander @Adge @Exoplanet @Faith-and-Hope @BryanaCamp @Meowmy @saturnzoon  and anyone else floating by.  

I'm not here for long this morning coz I'm taking myself to an art workshop at the womens centre for the morning.  Catching a Shebah ride there and back.  Another step in the independent mobility direction.  I've only done it a few times but it really boosts me when I do - not needing anyone's help on a rare occasion.  The venue is a safe place for me and I've met the facillitator before.  

Will go catch up on posts now.  Have a good day everyone xx


PS  @BryanaCamp  I also enjoy a couple of drinks sometimes.  Especially days like today!  Just got told we're having croissants shortly!


@Appleblossom  feeling strongly for you and sending you love xx

Re: A long rave

@greenpea  will be thinking of you with your meeting today.  When I have one like that I just tell myself to remember to breathe ..... you are the customer and they want the job!  You have choice and control (NDIS catchphrase).   I usually tell them about my goals and challenges - have it typed up now and just give them a copy, but they need to read it with me present.  And then ask them to tell about themselves - experience and qualifications.  It's hard but it really pays to be assertive.  Lotsa luck my dear xx

Re: A long rave

@eth @Zoe7  Hi and thanks for both your kind and gentle words today much appreciated. eth happy birthday girlfriend Smiley Very Happy I hope you have a wonderful day loads of love greenpeaxxxx.


Re: A long rave

hi @Meowmy sorry to hear your mood has darkened. Hope you feel better thru today.


I've just had some bad news and am feeling my mood dropping and my calm evapourating. I hope I can stop it getting worse as I've only just begun to feel better after weeks of not feeling good.

Re: A long rave

@BryanaCamp @Meowmy sorry cant get your name atm but thinking of you


@greenpea I am not too bad with shame atm. It was crippling when I was a teen and in 20s.  I was looking back and seeing the change in me. 

 @eth  @Zoe7 you have been really helpful on my journey. 

Love and Hugs all who need it ... ala @Exoplanet 

Please dont feel left out.

This is a wonderful community that has worked for a nurturing culture.

Smiley Happy

Re: A long rave

You have been equally helpful to me on my journey here @Appleblossom Heart

How did the meeting go today @greenpea ?

How was the art workshop @eth ?

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7 Meeting went really well thanks Zoe7 still another meeting to go .... so many meetings.

Re: A long rave

Glad this one today went well @greenpea and hope the next one does too Smiley Very Happy I have had a great day at work but also happy to be home with my babies.

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  bet your babies are pleased to have their mum home too Smiley Very Happy

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