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Re: A long rave

Hi all who pass here this morning.

@Zoe7 @greenpea  @outlander @Appleblossom @Adge @CheerBear @Exoplanet   hoping that today is going well for all so far. 


Hope you are finding good solutions re your car @CheerBear 

Hope you're faring better today @Adge 



I managed 1 extra nap this morning so am feeling a lot more rested than the last 2 days.  When I woke up dog was standing next to the bed just quietly staring at me - so I woke up laughing.  All too rare in my life.


The good news is I haven't encountered boofhead the last couple of days.  

And the lovely rain overnight looking after the vegie garden for me.

And my sister arriving tomorrow night.


Won't be able to do my usual water tai chi today as I have a small split between my big toe and the one next to it.  No idea how I did it.  Have been using antifungal and antiseptic cream on it and now at the stage where I just want to keep it as dry as possible - it's too easy for that sort of tiny thing to become more serious e.g. if I was in the pool for 45 min today.  Too much information!?  Just another thing I've been worrying about the last few days.


Nice to have a slow start this morning.  SW is coming at 11.30 - might do some shopping with her and drop in at a local speciality baker for some treats for sis's visit.  Not sure other than that.


Hope today goes well for all.  Whenever I don't get on here til after 8.30ish I seem to miss you all.

Re: A long rave

Hey @eth So glad your sister will be there tomorrow - will be lovely to catch up with her.


Having a slow start to the day myself but need to get mobile, read over all the nominations and make some preliminary decisions before I head off to the meeting. Had a quick scan over most of them but they need more time to sort out. That will be my morning and early afternoon then home for a quiet late afternoon and evening.


Hope you get some nice yummies from the bakery Smiley Very Happy

Re: A long rave

Hey @Zoe7 !

Sounds like a bit of a busy one for you.  Hope the meeting goes well.

I still haven't caught up on one admin job that I've put off time and again for several weeks!  I'm impressed with the way you stay on top of things and have even managed to take on this extra thing.  I'm sure your contribution will be valued.

Re: A long rave

Thanks @eth It does seem sometimes that I am not staying on top of things - the housework gets pushed to the side regularly to help get through each day. Very much needing a big clean up here but that will have to wait until later in the week.


Sounds like you need to be in the right headspace to tackle this admin job - you will get to it when you do Smiley Happy

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  I seem to work better when there's a deadline, which there isn't currently for the job I refer to.  But there is for domestics - I want to do a few things before sis comes.  Would be nice if she at least gets the impression I am managing ok.

Re: A long rave

Don't wear yourself out in working too much before she arrives though @eth You want to have the energy to spend time with her too.

Re: A long rave

hi @eth that's lovely your sister is coming to stay. I hope to spend some time with my sister over easter. I have similar toe situation issues at present, not sure what the deal is, can take a while to get rid of. I'm glad things are going peacefully for you at the house so far. I have volunteering tomorrow with a super negative, bully guy so just trying to spend the day for me now so I'm strong enough to deal with him tomorrow.

hi @greenpea sounds like you have a fun motor bike spin coming, it's nice to have something to look forward to.

hi @Adge hope your recovery is going well. is it a bit concerning that you're returning to work so soon? Is it possible to spend a bit more time off recovering?


Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  Don't worry, I won't burn out on housework!  No risk of that!  My sw who came today has offered to help me.  I said no today but might take her up on her offer tomorrow.  I also want to bake a leek tart so there's something to eat after my sister is in transit through dinner time tomorrow.

@BryanaCamp hope your bully either doesn't turn up tomorrow, or holds his tongue.  What sort of volunteer work do you do?


Re: A long rave

Hi @BryanaCamp Thanks for your interest.

My Mum reckons that it's the anaesthetics that were given, for surgery.

She said that she was dopey, with no energy - for 6 weeks after her shoulder surgery.

That might be one possible cause (apart from recovery itself) - although I don't know what to do about it.


Re: A long rave

Good morning to @Adge @Mazarita @eth @BryanaCamp @Zoe7 @Exoplanet @Appleblossom @CheerBear @BryanaCamp and all who pass by on this beautiful Wednesday morning. Will be heading off for my walk in a couple of hours with neighbout have alot to tell her the pagans doing their early morning ritual who are now along my route etc. Very interesting.


Have a great day everyoen. I have included a pic of some lights on water which is reminiscent of my bay ligths Smiley Happy


Image result for lights on water

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