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Re: Re:@ A long rave

Smiley HappySmiley LOL

Re: Re:@ A long rave

Hey @Adge , did they get around to releasing you?


Re: Re:@ A long rave

Yes @Smc Only making me wait for 5 & 1/2 hours "in limbo" whilst they sat on the discharge paperwork  (they admitted doing that) - because they said "We're too busy to discarge you".

That's bad enough.

What's inexcusable is that their discharge staff were then rude  to (when they were totally inefficient).

They virtually chased me from my room  (after waiting patiently for 5 & 1/2 hours) - telling me that I was not allowed to eat my cooked lunch that had only just arrived.

I was starving & I had just got approval from senior nursing to eat my lunch first!

I now have a fever  (at home).

I started having a fever Last night - the Nurses ignored me when I told them.

If the fever  (possible wound infection) gets worse - I shall have to call out a locum Dr. Because I cannot drive to a  Dr for another 7 days yet.


Re: Re:@ A long rave

@Adge  Oh finch have they given you antibiotics to take? a fever is not good at all.  When you feel up to it you might like to make a formal complaint about the discharging staff .... I would. My mother had an awful time in hospital the staff were super rude (she is 83) and she was in large amounts of pain too. Imagine them not letting you eat your lunch it would have been thrown out if you didn't anyway .... so stupid.

Re: Re:@ A long rave

Good morning to @Mazarita @Adge @Smc @Zoe7 @eth @CheerBear @Appleblossom @Exoplanet  and all who pass on this happy Friday morning Smiley Happy. A special good morning to Adge hoping that your fever has calmed down over night if not please call a doc asap won't you. Looking forward to our special edition Friday Feast tonight celebrating Adge's 50th (happy birthday finchy!) tonight hoping everyone can be there.greenpeaxxxx

Re: Re:@ A long rave

Very quick pop by to wish you a great day @Adge 🙂🎊🎉🎈🎁🎂🍰





Re: Re:@ A long rave

@Adge, I hope that by now you've well and truly had a doctor see you. Fever is not good... Smiley Frustrated
I won't be around tonight for your online birthday party, so will pass on many good wishes in advance. Have fun everyone. (Ta for the tag and cheery good morning @greenpea. Smiley Happy )

Re: Re:@ A long rave

Hey @Zoe7  hope your morning's going smoothly so far and that today's a good one for you.  Missed out on f&c last night coz the beach cafe was shut already.  Ended up with pizza at home after watching the paragliders over the surf for a while.  Nice to hang out with bro, he's been away the last 2 weeks.


@Adge  HAPPY 50th!!!   I really hope your fever has settled and that you've woken feeling more rested this morning than when in hospital.  Shame on them for the way they treated you.  Sending care your way.


Hi @greenpea @CheerBear @Smc @outlander  @Exoplanet  @Shaz51 @Appleblossom  @Faith-and-Hope @Teej  and of course you too @Mazarita  just in case you're ever hovering in the background.  Maz I really hope all is going well for you and that you're being super productive and organized with your project while staying balanced with BP.  

Has anyone heard from @Shaz51  lately?  I'm a little concerned as I haven't seen her around for several days now.

Love to all xxx


Re: Re:@ A long rave

@eth It is a shame you couldn't have your F&C last night but pizza at home sounds nice also. Watching the paragliders would have been lovely to just relax and see them soar - a lovely thing to do with your bro Smiley Happy


I had a nice day at work - it was very long and I felt like falling asleep this morning when I was working with some kids - but I managed to get through it and pleased to be home.

Re: Re:@ A long rave

hello My @eth , I am still here my friend xxxx

soo much goingon at the moment

with my mum in hospital recovering from Hip surgery

Mr shaz has a partially torn  tendon in the shoulder bone

my uncle ( my second dad ) passed away , his funeral is tomorrow

a very big week with doing things that need to bedone a mums

physio for mr shaz

and appts for me , and now I have swallow Lynpe glands

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