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Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

Here on the forum there is so much to celebrate! Every day people are overcoming challenges, working at goals and taking steps forward.


This space has been created as a place to recognise these achievements, both of others and also for us to share our own. It's somewhere we can come together and encourage each other to celebrate the big and little things we are all doing on our journeys.


Celebration and encouragement is something that our community does so well. An example of this has been seen in the Celebrate good times thread which has often been used to celebrate other member's achievements. This new space builds on that, asking us to share something that we would like to celebrate of ourselves as well as what we have noticed of others.


So please join in and send a 'thumbs up' on Thursdays by posting something you're proud of or would like to celebrate, or by sending a shout out to a member you'd like to acknowledge.


Let's get some regular celebrations happening again! 🎉



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Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

👍🏻 @eth  for working through something really confronting and difficult and for making plans to be supported during a difficult time. Not necessarily a woohoo thing yet as I know there is still a month to get through so will save the woohoo for then, but it’s a I’m really proud and inspired (and so are other members I think) of you and your perseverance to work through it. Well done @eth . 💜🤗👍🏻

Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

Thankyou so much for your support @Teej  and thanks for creating this space @CheerBear 

Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

I would like to mention and thank @TAB s who always talks to me in the middle of the night without a complaint even though he is desperately tired. Thanks TABSmiley Happy

Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

Oh come on @greenpea 😸 lol

Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

hello @CheerBear you are indeed a cheery bear, good on you.


I'd like to ackowldge my awesome friend  @Zoe7 @Zoe7 for her awesome ahievement of changing schools and finding a more supportive staff. those kids & staff are lucky to have you. woohoo!!!


I want to acknowldge my young friend @Hamsolo01 for his amazing, successfull completion of a work placement, regular event contribution and interview with a recruitment agency, woohoo, go you!! 

Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

I haven't been feeling so cheery tonight @BryanaCamp (my choice of forum name bites me sometimes 😉) but had a big smile reading your post and then looking back through these celebrations. There's so much great 😊

I've been celebrating something of my own this week - I was successful in an application for a volunteer role. It's a big step for me after a couple of years of not being able to do much of this kind of thing and it's somewhere I'm really looking forward to being part of 🙂

While I'm here I'd like to send a shout to @Serenity1. I've noticed how hard you've been working to make your way through the challenges you're facing and wanted to send a 👍 to you for always keeping on keeping on, even when it's really tough ❤


Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

Thank you @BryanaCamp It is wonderful to be back at work and loving it so much - and so much of that is down to the support I have had from on here. I know tht ech day - whether it is a good or not so good day that I can come home and write about it here - and that people not only listen but care - that is invaluable in my life. The power of the community is so positive and fills my days with joy - love this 'family of friends' Smiley Very HappyHeart

Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

@CheerBear aw you are so sweet & thoughtful- thankyou so much 😘💖🌺

Re: Thumbs up Thursday - Woohoo!

Strange about the search bar @Faith-and-Hope but over here Smiley Happy Hello. Smiley Very Happy

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