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Looking after ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

well did not mean them,was someone else who was prettyout there tbh although nice @Sophia1 

iRe: Living with Ourselves



Thanks for the short message. I was so excited to hear from you. I had just popped on to give @tonys an update on my garden. He asked about it some weeks ago but I haven't managed to post yet. Gently Bently as @Appleblossom would say. Please do look after yourself. 



Re: Living with Ourselves

Hi there  @Sophia1   Well thanks for that.   I always did wonder what the rest of the "frosty glass"  story

Was..   Yes you're right.   I do have an uncanny memory.  Like you,  I never forget treachery and cunning.  And always remember the Kind and the thoughtful..   To forget either is to invit,    or uninvite,   again   I feel.  Its so good to see you pop in.   Had a lesson from you and @TAB   on history.   I seem to remember Russel Crow had a good old stoush  in Germany.  

Movies are as close to school as I ever got.  Guess you stood in the coliseum on your travels.

The movie makes it look way bigger than it really is.  That was my thought.

Did you recharge your batteries my friend.  You needed that holiday bigtime I think.


I have a Couple of questions.   How many people do you think are logged into Sane at any one time.

If you see their names down the bottom,  does that mean they are actually logged in,  or does it just mean they frequent the place a lot.?   Always did wonder how things work.  Don't ask me why I'm asking you. Thought of smart people,

and your name popped up..   Well I'm still waking from a deep sleep and feeling like another.  So better bail old friend.   Thanks for the wave, 

Gentle on the reigns and easy in the saddle  Sophia..                                                tonys.



Re: Living with Ourselves

yeah, I deal in generalisations mainly @tonys  its a mathematical way of definining a problem.

whats number 1 step in calculating a problem ok its estimation, what ballpark would a reasonable answer be . then define problem , answer it, compare to estimation ...then if need be , re check your working ..

I think the names on front page mean who was on here last/and or which thread was active last. Dont find myself there often these days. Will have a look. doubt there are many people on at anyone time esp at night 

Re: Living with Ourselves

But I don't need to do any of that @TAB .   I just ask you..!              Kidding .

Thanks Tab.    Your one smart MF    don't let any one tell you your not.


Mate ..    Have a top evening   .                                                   tonys..

Re: Living with Ourselves I'm not @tonys .as mate used to say most people are on the BellCurve, some on top ie average, or close to average re either side of curve, up or down. 


Re: Living with Ourselves



I love the title of your thread ... says a lot about spirituality or maturity or something.  Hope you are coping.  I feel for you and your son as I have seen these issues for a long time. 


I also remember @eudemonism . and hope you are doing well enough .... on your/his profile page it looked like he had logged in yesterday, but the other stats were not really true to timing.... I have noticed that a lot before on this site. I think it is something about the site that loops back on itself to old posts .... the internet gets so complicated i think it loses its logic sometimes...


Thanks for tag @Meggle 


Hey @outlander @tonys 

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hello @tonys ,


Thank you for putting me into the "smart" category. That could start another whole lengthy conversation. What determines "smart" laugh?


In answer to how many on here at what time .......I do know that the very front page, when you click on forums and then sign straight in has what appear to be daily statistics of visitors, members and other data. As to how many at one time......Hmmm thousands would not come close possibly. The time of day would impact that as well as day of week. It does list a few people on line but that seems to be far too minimal to be realistic. You could always ask in the feedback section. Not even sure where that is these days.  I prefer to stay put here.


Number of people.....short answer.....How about "lots".


How are you healing now and have you  been moved to a closer hospital yet?

Great that you have your music and good morning friends to keep you occupied. Chat is not me. As you  can see.   Compositions!


No,  we did not visit the larger cities other than Venice, so did not get to see the Colosseum. Hired a car and drove everywhere so visited smaller cities and mountain goat country in Northern Italy.

We did most of the top of the Northern Italy as well as other countries. Visited some stunning places.


The gps was useless in the goat mountains so we had some very close escapes on narrow winding roads built for one horse and cart. Driving up and down mountains passing the same scenery. Views stunning.

  Heart rate extremely high as we would turn a bend and then sheer drop on the right with  a car coming in opposite direction. Impossible to turn around.

We brought home many laughs and close to tears. My minimal italian language which did multiply, helped...At the same time, once they heard me speak a little ...they would not stop... so consequently were not listening to me either!. Interesting food and drinks arrived.


We visited 6 or 7 countries and can write more if you are interested.

Not everyone wants to read about the travels of others I realise.








The Arena is the Roman amphitheater in Verona. It was built in the first century AD to watch the fights of gladiators. It is the third Roman amphitheater for size among those still existing and is used in summer for opera, concerts and events. It is the monument that most represents the city.
Just the ruins of part outside are left and is used to this day.  The opera props and trailers were parked in the huge piazza as they move the opera pieces around Europe. Many photographs taken.
A long trip over a long period as this will probably be the last time that we get to Europe. Well worth it. We don't like cruises or organised tours so we researched and visited what we found. Always way way more to see of course. That is why so many people keep on going back. If you live in the Uk or other parts of Europe is so much cheaper and less exhausting.
I could live in Europe for six months of the year and Australia six months if I had zillions of dollars.
I know that you travelled when you were younger and would have many stories and memories that you hold dear.
No more history for today.
I don't know your main haunt on here so for me it is easier for you to write to you from here.
Stay safe and keep on rehabilitating as boring as it is. There will come a time when you will look back and be so thankful that you did.
One friend to another

External image showing piazza and a small part of city.


Re: Living with Ourselves

Hello I have had this thread since I had my major back operation back in 2018.


Yes spot on with spirituality something....not quite the right word...


re Eudemonism....I won't tag him again.... It was not his log on page...

He was listed on front page when you log in as being one of people logged on...


Perhaps he was visiting and browsing and that is enough for him...

I was just shocked.....I am hoping that things are well with him as they can be..


Look after yourself and your son



Re: Living with Ourselves


above post was meant for you



Illustration of people sitting and standing

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with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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