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Looking after ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

Thank you beautiful @Shaz51 🙏❤️

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hello @Krishna 


Thank you for taking the time to share such beautiful thoughts.

Your expressing how much my responses and being in touch with each other meant to you comes at a time when I am in crisis mode over my son.

I feel absolutely devastated and your words bring comfort.


Time out is paramount when recognising is best outcome for yourself..


Will think of you when in my garden..

Have not been able to get out there past few days due to current situation..

It will be there waiting for me and I will reward my beautiful plants with a drink and feelings of gratitude..


I hope that if you do not read this physically...cosmically you know that I appreciate our friendship..


all the best moving forward..

pop back and say hello when you can..

if I am here...not on my own break I will get back to you


Spaces in between friendship messages are all the stronger when so sincere


love to you and your life moving forward


Re: Living with Ourselves

love gardenias thank you so much @TAB 

@Jacqueshas been helping me.

Thank goodness.


New foliage flowers coming and going

must be doing something write.

seems to like it's new space in garden..


Gardening brings such joy..

disappointments but always promise of more joy..



Re: Living with Ourselves

dear @Appleblossom 


I have been madly searching for a response that you wrote somewhere about friendship and acceptance.

It was beautifully written and perhaps hard to say


Then what means so much to us often can be so hard to say


I cannot find it anywhere

I want to thank you for seeing me in that light and telling me that you know that I am sincere in our ongoing long term friendship

growing more and more no matter how long breaks occur in between as we deal with everything that life throws at us.


It is and honour to have you as my friend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words



love Sophia xx

coloured hearts today is my latest whim


Seven for the number of years that we have perhaps known one another, taking into account my former name.



Re: Living with Ourselves

You are so so kind dear @Sophia1 I don't see those qualities in myself, I guess that is depression.


Until my girlfriend came along no woman has ever shown any interest in me, I never thought I would find anyone who loves me. Sometimes it is still a shock, I don't know what she sees in me, I feel like a unemployed, lazy, poor, loser.  That is what I have always been told I am. I guess over the past 30 years I have started to believe it.


You, my mum and my girlfriend are the only ones that have said nice things about me. In time I will believe I am worthy of respect. It will just take time.


Sorry to be so bleak, just how my life has been up until now. 


I have a quirky sense of humour it puts some people off, I do enjoy a good joke or meme. Maybe we could start a joke pages for people to have a good laugh.


I hope your weekend is going well my dear friend.





Re: Living with Ourselves

You are always welcome over at my meme thread @Jacques ! I update it every Wednesday, and everyone is welcome to post their own memes, jokes, and funny images too 💜

It's called The Ice-Memery 😊🍦

Re: Living with Ourselves

Ohh my forum brother @Jacques You have always been awesome to me my friend  xxx 

Re: Living with Ourselves

hahahaha @Jynx i love the name, that is awesome i will post there when i can 🙂 i love a good meme.


thank you my awesome friend @Shaz51 you have supported me to more than you will ever know, i love SANe how the community is so loving and strong.

Re: Living with Ourselves


Tears. Thank you Bella.

Not many words.  We have our sons.


You have helped me connect with my inner feminine which had been damaged a lot. 

I am more confortable with it now.


Today I spent time with a very old friend who is also a very rough diamond.  Still it matters that I know her family from when they/we were in primary school.  We had not seen each other for over a year.  She knows she is hard nut, but she is hard working one, and I told her she had dignity of a self made woman.  She is not used to such words, but I hope it helped.



You are worthy of decent relationships.  We love you here.


@Shaz51 @Jynx @Krishna 

Re: Living with Ourselves

My dearest  @Appleblossom 


Helping you connect with your feminine side..if I have helped with that...I am thankful


I always am there for you as I hope you know. xxxx


Hard diamonds; hard nuts; hard work in convincing women of value who have and will stand out..

They will...

I am different as I am a person who works up the ladder..

I do not always see the significance or change however I sometimes see change as a result and that is enough.

I do not seek gratification or acknowledgement...


I know that you are the same


This is what I admire about you...





Illustration of people sitting and standing

New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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