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Looking after ourselves

Re: Just checking in.

@CheerBear  hope you feel better soon.  The lurgy is no fun.  Especially when you've got to be 'on' for those who depend on you.  Take care xx


Thinking of you too @Teej  xx


@Zoe7 hope your day goes well.  It's great to see you seem to have ridden out the recent difficulties and are 'back on the horse'.  Your school must really appreciate all you contribute.  Lucky kids to be in your care.

Re: Just checking in.

Just sticking to a couple of threads still @eth Nowhere near comfortable being here - but it is what it is!

Re: Just checking in.

Totally seen in your post above @TheVorticon. I'm not going to say what I'm sure heaps of people have said to you about how wanting to be seen and heard and sat with is not any of those things because when I feel something about something and others tell me it isn't the case (that makes a lot more sense in my head) I can feel extra weird and alone for feeling something that people tell me isn't a thing (that really did make a lot more sense in my head 😖). I'm thinking you might understand that one though.

It's cool to see you under a support button, in the worry room, dropping off a hi etc. It would be cool to see you say you're not having a good day if that's how you're feeling, or see you coming by to share what you've been up to even if you think no-one would want to hear about it. It's cool to see you chat about games or skating or crochet (but that's a quiet one 😁).

Did you make a decision about going to work today?

I've gotta get big to the bus but I'll come back to reply to others here soon 👋

Re: Just checking in.

I'm back. It's bonkers how much that 15 min round trip needs so much working around in the mornings.

@outlander you asked about Rocket kitty and whether she has settled down. I read your question while I was making lunches and listening to Big saying "stop eating my book.. stop eating my breakfast... Mum make her get off the table". Then Big stood up in a huff and Rocket swiped them through the gaps in the back of the chair 😆 So no, she hasn't calmed down really lol. She is the only one who has a collar because we need a bell to hear when she's hiding and about to pounce/launch at us and the other furballs. She's so awesome and brings so much good to our house so I wouldn't change her for the world 😍

@eth good luck today. Thinking of you ❤

Re: Just checking in.

Hey @CheerBear  your post about Rocket reminded me of something I was told years ago.  Cats are capable of stalking so stealthily that they can stop one bell from ringing - you can beat this by putting 2 bells on their collar that tinkle against each other.  Random fact no. 35!!

Re: Just checking in.

That reminded me of an outside cat we had when I was little who used to do that @eth! I hadn't remembered her like that until you mentioned it. I used to love watching her in the garden doing her sneaky thing.

Our little Rocket kitten is so stealthy she swipes things like socks and special toys on shelves and then hides them under my bed 😆 Two bells is a great idea. It would be funny to watch them try and get around that!

Re: Just checking in.

Re: Just checking in.

i had to giggle at your post about rocket cat, little 💩.it doesnt sound like shes calmed down but shes cute none the less. im sure she provides plenty of entertainment and keeps you all on your toes! @CheerBear

Re: Just checking in.

👋 all

Just checking in @Teej, thinking of you and wondering how your yesterday was.

Re: Just checking in.

Hi 👋 @CheerBear and all. 

Having a rough ride still but hanging in there. Had some good news last night that feels like a light 💡. I was offered respite next week with the group I’ll not be able to do passed 1st July. It couldn’t have come at a better time. On Wednesday my psychiatrist and I talked about a short hospital stay but there were no beds available. The plan I left with was if I felt myself in that dark hole I needed to go to ED and she would have all her notes on the system for them to hopefully find a bed. The respite place is a much better fit for me. 

This weekend I have to physically face all the big stuff and go to my old house. It feels pretty big and a big hurdle to jump through. 


On a different note I shared my psych report with my therapist yesterday. She was thrilled and said my psych nailed it. It was the first time I’ve had two mh professionals on the same page. They even agree on the diagnosis which is a different again but one I can live with. It feels the most fitting to me too. 


I hope your worky thing goes well. I need to try this thing called a shower soon and go to the physio. 


Im so sorry to everyone who had tagged me. I have been very much in my own head getting through minute by minute, hour by hour. 



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