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Senior Contributor


Image result for bipolar tigger eeyore


Re: Bipolar

Hi @greenpea

That pic suggests a MIXED STATE Bi Polar to me, which I might well have.

I like those Winnie the Pooh characters tho did not read it til in my 30s to my own children.  I discovered many children's classics as a mum.




Re: Bipolar

Hi @greenpea,

Like @Appleblossom, I like the Winnie The Pooh characters, too! I remember when I was a child I got a talking Pooh Bear plush toy for a present - I loved it! Heart

I have often heard the metaphor relating Eeyore to Depression, but it is interesting to relate Tigger and Eeyore to the ups and downs of Bipolar. Are there any other children's animated characters that you find relatable, @greenpea?






Re: Bipolar

Hi @Amour_Et_Psyché hmmmmm .... the Tasmanian Devil and Speedy Gonzales!!!!!!


Re: Bipolar

@Appleblossom Hi Appleblossom I have never heard of Mixed State Bi Polar ... One thing it doesnt mention is the aggression that sometime arises .... so Tasmanian Devil should be included and the real need for Speed is Speedy Gonzales.

from "Bedevilled Rabbit" (1957)

Re: Bipolar

That's not all folks! Catch up with all your favorite characters - Bugs and Daffy, Tweety and Sylvester, and Coyote and Road Runner as they play pranks, have...

Re: Bipolar

Hi @Take_me_as_i_am ..... 👋

Have you met @greenpea and @Appleblossom ?

Love the Tigger and Eeyore analogy @greenpea.

@Queenie I hope you don’t mind me tagging you in here ..... I think you have a voice of experience that these folk could benefit from.

Re: Bipolar

Thanks for tagging me @Faith-and-Hope, I find I can go for while a while with Tigger making the decisions before Eeyore takes over (as he inevitably does). I had heard that Winnie the Pooh characters could be summed up in all sorts of mental health conditions (Rabbit is supposedly OCD and Christopher Robin schizophrenia, but who knows? I certainly don't). I'm at the Eeyore stage at the moment, so I am struggling to find analogies for the bipolar elevation. 

Anybody miss their Tigger when Eeyore is around? @greenpea @Appleblossom


Re: Bipolar

Thanks for responding from your Eeyore state @Queenie .....

@Take_me_as_i_am does having the Tigger and Eeyore analogy help with describing bipolar states without having to explain much further ?

Hi @greenpea @Appleblossom ..... 👋

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