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greenpea - profile picture

Crime shows primarly British but not all talk space

Hi @Schitzo @Eve7 @Shaz51  and all those who enjoys shows like Midsomer Murders, Father Brown, Vera and Silent Witness as examples. This is a place to disc ... Read more

Wingman79 - profile picture


Hi everyone and thank you for letting me join . I work in a highly stressful environment and lots of judgemental issues daily . I've lost motivation and interest , everyt ... Read more

Otterly_crazy - profile picture

SH relapse question....

Hi everyone I'm new here..... Well I've lurked for ages without an account but have finally made the leap and signed up because I have a question. I'm not sure if I'm all ... Read more

Ramble - profile picture

Update on me worrying about my capacity to work.

I have worked through some things. Not fully there yet but making some headway.  I'm launching my new business within the next five days. Could be any day betwe ... Read more

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