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Your input! Guideline Amendment

Hey all! Two things!


1. On feedback from one of our Community guides we are looking to update the language under Safety to be clearer about what we are doing and why… So we are looking to update:


In order to ensure the Forums are safe for you and other members, please:




As language can be triggering or elicit a trauma response, out of respect for people with a lived experience and survivors, please:



2. When we are moderating around the eating disorder guideline, there are specific descriptions that may churn things up for other members and realised this wasn’t very clear in the guidelines.


We aren’t looking to change what we moderate, but be clearer in the guidelines about what is and isn’t OK.

Our goal here is to be more inclusive of people who have experienced or supported someone with eating disorders and help people have safer convos. We are also not trying to stop people can talking about their goals around exercise etc, just asking people to leave out the numbers or not to be overly descriptive.

Our proposed change:


  • do not publish content that contains graphic or specific details, or any descriptive account, of: 
    • eating disorder behaviours


  • do not publish content that contains graphic or specific details, or any descriptive account, of: 
    • eating disorder behaviours (recommending diets, descriptive weight loss/gain strategies or any numbers relating to weight, BMI, clothing size, calories or exercise) 


Thanks for your input!


Re: Your input! Guideline Amendment

My suggestion for both cases is


Don't be graphic with your descriptions - keep them simple and don't use adjectives



Re: Your input! Guideline Amendment

@nashy  as someone with this issue..... it is mostly the how it is said which i am not sure how to describe and i understand must be frustrating to manage for others. but honestly anything that reminds me of eating/exercise or anything that kind of leans towards body image and health stuff is triggering and that may just be me but the things mentiond above are good to keep away from but i would add that if you are going to post anything about diet/lifestyle/exercise/health than just make it so that there is a trigger warning in the title or at the start of the post. it is fine to want to talk about health goals but anything even like that is triggering in my opinion and if there is a warning then i wont accidently read something and people can still enjoy the discussion but people who are unable to partake will know not to look there. 

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