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Community Manager

Some news from me!

Hi everyone,


It's with mixed emotions that I let you all know that I will be moving on from the role of Community Manager.


It's been amazing watching the community grow from a small group of 80 in 2014 when we launched, to now over 11,000! It never ceases to amaze me how awesome this community is. It's a place where everyone is embraced and so much encouragement and thoughtful support.


It was a really hard decision for me to leave this role, as it's been a wonderful 4 (!!) years working with the community. However, you are in really great hands with @Lauz@Margot , the mods and the person taking my role (who will start in late August).


My last day is next Friday 20 July. I will be around for Friday Feast - so it would be great to see you there Heart


Re: Some news from me!

Such sad news for the community here @NikNik but I am sure a wonderful opportunity for you.  You will be sadly missed 😣

Re: Some news from me!

So so sad @NikNik - you will be missed! Thank you for all you have done for the community and your seemingly bottomless pit of patience, compassion and kindness. Good luck in your new role!



Re: Some news from me!

Thank you @lisajane & @Zoe7

The patience and support you've provided me in this role is so appreciated and valued. 

Re: Some news from me!

Aww youll be missed @NikNik but i wish you well in whatever you choose to do 😘

Re: Some news from me!

Thank you @outlander

Wishing you all the best with everything. It's been great getting to know you and thanks for everything you do for this community.

Re: Some news from me!


I can barely imagine SANE forums without you! 

Endless thanks from me too for your patience, compassion, intelligence, wisdom and just general all-round awesomeness!

I really hope to be part of that final Friday feast!

Excited for you that you are embarking on a new part of your journey!


Hugs! Heart

Re: Some news from me!

Aw thanks @Mazarita

It's been so great to have you part of this community - you've made a huge difference to so many people! It's been wonderful working with you!

Re: Some news from me!

More hugs and exclamation points, @NikNik!!! Heart

Re: Some news from me!

Oh no @NikNik thats sad to see you leave. You have been amazing to everyone on the forum. You have also helped me so much - thank you from the bottom of my heart. But wishing you all a be very best in your new venture. 

❤️❤️BB xxxooo

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