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Holiday period staffing

Hi everyone, 


As we all know, the holiday season is coming up. We just wanted to share with you what that means for Community Managers and staffing.


From 20 Dec to 6 Jan there will be lower staffing levels. Of course the forums will still be fully moderated 24/7 but the community managers will only be around intermittently during this time. There are some wonderful threads in here throughout the holiday time to help distract, support and connect together no matter what the holidays look like for each of us:


We really encourage everyone to start up more threads throughout the holidays to do some fun, connective activities together! 


Of course, if you ever feel you are in crisis please contact one of the crisis numbers on the right hand side of every forum page. 


Thanks everyone for another amazing year in the forums- we are so grateful to be part of this space with you all. ✨


@s-jay @nashy & @Lauz 

For urgent assistance, call: