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Have your say: content/trigger warnings

Hi gang, would appreciate your input on something....


There is a feature in the "Rich Text editor" that we can now use for "content/trigger warnings". It's the button that's a triangle with an esclamation mark in it.


Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 2.48.23 pm.png

Obviously things that are still against guidelines are still not allowed but if there is something that's not against guidelines but could still potentially trigger others you can highlight the text you want then press that button it will be 'hidden' and readers can press it to read your text.


What do you think:

1. Is this something you think would be useful?

2. Would you use it on your own posts?

3. How would you feel if moderators might occaisionally add one to your post (and an email you to let you know)?

4. Should it be called something else rather than "Content/trigger warning"?


Here is an article about tigger warnings and why they are helpful


Let me know your thoughts...



Re: Have your say: content/trigger warnings

@s-jay I read article and here is my 2 bob.

I often find it difficult to know what is triggering as a lot of neglect and various types of abuse were normal for me. 


I take a long time to learn new digital things, and often forget and stress, so may be unlikely to use it much.


Now that I have been here on the forum for a long time, I might be able to handle things I post covered by a trigger warning.  It may be a good learning for me.  I have been here for years, but it might also retraumatise me. Idk.


There have been a few posts by people very upset due to being moderated.  A lot would depend on the quality of those behind the scenes emails; the level of inclusion and tact and maturity.  If mod can reach out to the individual without adding more rejection, then maybe it would be alright, but I am not sure this is happening.


It could give the website a layered feel.  Only those wanting to go deeper choosing to "look".


I think about the people who dont post and hope they are alright.

Re: Have your say: content/trigger warnings

Hey @s-jay 

I think it's a great idea!

It highlights a sort of 'control' feature for individuals to speak honestly without worrying others who might be upset by content. It may also take a load off mod's too.


@Appleblossom Heart I think members such as ourselves have experience expressing our pain tactfully from years of practice. Newbies who're in the thick of it aren't as practised.


The only issue I see is alerting members in how to use the feature. I've seen it up there but haven't known what it's for. 'Spoiler Tag' didn't mean anything to me when I waved the curser over it so I don't use it. Maybe changing the words to explain what it's for and how to use it would help.


Go Team Sane!!! 👍

Re: Have your say: content/trigger warnings

Hi all.

I can definitely see the value in considering using trigger warnings (TWs) and I appreciate why it is being looked into and also that there is the opportunity for the community to have their/our say in it. I get why others may want to use this feature but I don't think I would.

While I see how TWs can be useful in some contexts, I think are a little overused. I don't think they would be hugely helpful here where many people (I imagine) sign up with an awareness that they will potentially be exposed to triggering content and with the belief they will be able to manage it. With moderators erring on the side of caution with any content that is graphic or detailed, I feel as if there is already enough control over what material is openly discussed here. I worry this could sort of increase power imbalances that exist (that are not necessarily intentional but that are inherent in relationships between service users and service providers), especially if moderators were adding them to posts.

I also think TWs can play a role in undermining a person's confidence in their ability to cope with triggers. To me, while they can seem sensitive and respectful, TWs can also say "you might not be able to cope with this". Because of that, I think they can create a sense of doubt about what we can and can't manage. If moderators were to add TWs to posts, I also think this could cast some doubt on what is OK and not to post, especially given most people (I believe) are already mindful about posting in a way as to not trigger others and don't feel great when they do.

I think TWs can also create a sense of what is standard content that might be triggering, overlooking the extent of triggers and the unique nature of what is triggering for someone. I know when I've been triggered by something that seems unusual and that others have seemed to be very OK with, I have felt like I am extra weird or too sensitive. I'm concerned that having TWs used here could, in a way, seem as if it people are stating what should be triggering and therefore what should not, both which have potentially unhelpful impacts on someone. I think it comes down to who gets to decide what is triggering and I believe that can only be the person exposed to the content, which is not something I feel anyone can determine for someone or make assumptions about.

I wonder whether it could be an option to co-create a new and more detailed section of the forum that helps people to manage triggers, recognise when triggers are becoming difficult or distressing for them, gives more ideas and suggestions of how to cope with triggers including how to reach out on the forum when triggered, and also guides them to where to find helpful support?

Thanks @s-jay for creating space to have a discussion about this and to those who contribute to it.


Re: Have your say: content/trigger warnings

@s-jay   I don’t have a problem with it.  I’m not sure I’d use it myself because having lived it I’m not sure what could be triggering to others, but I have no problem with a moderator using it on my behalf.

Re: Have your say: content/trigger warnings

Hi @s-jay  when you emailed me the other day reg this I was angry because I thought I was going to be silenced and I wanted to share my story. 

But ...... now I understand the reason. 

I don’t mind at all. 


Re: Have your say: content/trigger warnings

Thanks for clarifying @BlueBay! Appreciate it!

And to everyone else... Ok we'll have a bit of a think we've received a range of feedback... both for and against...

We'll come back to you in the coming weeks....

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